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Gifts for Poppys with lots of grandkids

Great grandfather holding a new born baby girl next to his schooWhat gift suggestions do you have for Granddads/Poppy’s with lots of grandies?

  • For Xmas last year I got my kids poppy/ great grandad a bottle opener keyring with poppy & grandad engraved on it. From eBay. I let my son pick the colours and writing style. Both were very pleased ! Annika
  • Hand written “I love you grandad or poppy” cards from the kids… Kerry
  • Pictures of the kids, and a lunch at the pub Beck
  • I did a framed black and white photo of all the grand kids holding white wooden letters that spelled poppy, then Mother’s Day did the nanny version Corrine
  • I bought my dad a keychain engraved with his grandchildren’s names. There are heaps of options on etsy! Rhiannon
  • A card, scratchies and maybe a nice mug or painting from my son. He’s a simple man! Zoe

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