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Father’s Day present: We love Tootzy Flootz + their custom baby outfits

Father's Day present

If you’re hoping for ‘Level 10’ cuteness for your little one and ‘Level 11’ awesomeness for Daddy’s Father’s Day present, you can’t go past a custom baby outfit creation from Tootzy Flootz.

At Baby Hints and Tips we believe that Father’s Day should be less about expensive gifts and more about enjoying the fun, creating family memories and offering special gestures that show Dad just how much he means to you.

A unique tee or onsie with a special message just for Dad is an absolutely adorable way to kick off the Father’s Day celebrations and to tickle Dad pink with something that’s been done ‘just for him’.

Whether Dad’s your ‘super hero’, a monster truck fan, a little love bug or celebrating his first Father’s Day there’s a cute-as-a-button design for the main man in your kid’s life. With nine different styles to choose from there is truly something for everyone.

Father's Day gift

Affordably priced for a one-of-a-kind speciality item, this unique keepsake is only $30. You’ll be even more delighted to know it’s an Australian owned business that proudly ships this product worldwide! Available in high quality cotton and your choice of short or long sleeves the hardest decision you’ll be faced with is which design to buy.


Father's Day present


Tee your custom Father’s Day t-shirt or onsie with a fluffy, colourful tutu or awesome denim and your little person will steal the show at the family party. Lucky Dad will be so enchanted with his offspring he forget to worry that it’s actually ‘his day’!

Father's Day present

If you are cruising the Tootzy Flootz website you might also like to check out their show stopping Cake Smash outfits, party hats and delicious bloomers – this is a great destination for all your special occasion baby wear as well beautiful gifts.

And Dad, Happy Father’s Day.
We love you… you know it’s true if you read it on a t-shirt!

Father's Day present

This is a sponsored post for Tootzy Flootz.

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