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Giving Up Smoking During Pregnancy

quit smokingGiving up smoking during pregnancy

Question: I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. But have had the nasty habit of being a smoker, I have been a long term smoker since I was 16 years old. I tried very very hard with trying to quit while pregnant with my first but found it to be extremely difficult to do so as I had very little support which still makes me feel guilty for smoking while pregnant with the first. I want to try and do the right thing with my 2nd pregnancy by giving up smoking but again finding it to be extremely difficult to do as again have very little support with the quitting. I just want to know if anyone who been through this experience and what positive non-judgmental advice I could get. Please I extremely do not want any judgment as I have been extremely crucified and highly judged for it in the past which caused my moods last pregnancy to be very depressing.

  • You can use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (except patches) and she should go see her Gp to find out more.  Amanda
  • I tried so hard to give up smoking when I was pregnant. Despite many occasions when I managed to give up for up to a week I always started again. I had the best results after reading Allen Carrs Easy Way to Quit Smoking so maybe give that a try. For me, I feel the guilt and stress I suffered after the birth of my bub will help motivate me when I next fall pregnant. First I was paranoid he would be premature then I blamed the fact that he overstayed and I had to be induced on the smoking. We had bf issues related to bad latch which caused initial slow weight gain which of course I blamed on the smoking. And colic which has been linked to smoking (and everything else under the sun). New mums are always going to find a way to blame themselves for things but try to focus on the fact that by giving up, you are going to feel that bit more confident once bubs arrives. Also remember that every cigarette that you dont smoke is making bubs environment that much better. Dont give up just because you slip and have a cigarette and if cutting down is the best you manage then you are still giving bubs a far better start than if you continued smoking at pre-pregnancy levels. Good luck to you and dont let the judgment of others get you down – listening to higher than thou opinions and those who believe you can just stop at the click of your fingers will just stress you out and make you less likely to succeed. Anon

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