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Good Posture during Feeding Baby

Expert tips by Lorraine Scapens from Pregnancy Exercise

It is important when you are nursing your new born that you feed in a position that is comfortable and relaxing. Good posture during feeding is advisable. You need to be aware of your posture as poor posture can lead to neck, shoulder, back aches and pains. Incorrect nursing positions will also feel uncomfortable, you may become fatigued whilst you are nursing and find it hard to relax.

If you cannot relax during feeds it may affect how relaxed your baby and may also have an effect on your milk supply. Milk flows more easily if you are relaxed and if you are relaxed your baby will be.

What you need to remember when nursing your baby:

  • Lift your chest up: This will stop you from rounding your shoulders.
  • Avoid dropping your head: Have a pillow or cushion behind your head to reduce forward head posture.
  • Night feeds: I found an incline position works best at night so you can completely relax. This position will stop you from hunching over.
  • A strong core: If you have good core strength you can maintain your posture easier, especially in seated/outside  nursing positions

What Is The Best Breastfeeding Position or Posture? 

The short answer, none!

In an ideal world, you would sit in a straight back chair, sitting up nice and tall with your shoulders down, eyes forwards (not down at your adorable bubba!), knees bent and feet on the ground.

But we know that ideal might not be achievable for many mums.

Here are some best positions from My Physio SA for breastfeeding to help with good posture during feeding.


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Lorraine Scapens

Lorraine is a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with 20 years experience training pregnant and post natal women. She has specialized in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise for more than 15 Years. Her websites are Pregnancy Exercise and Turning Baby, and you can read her blog here. She is also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can contact her at lorraine@pregnancyexercise.co.nz. To see all of Lorraine’s articles, click here.


Disclaimer: This information is general advice only, and you are advised to discuss any concerns you may have with your GP or midwife, or before starting a new exercise regime. Lorraine is not able to provide you with medical advice. You cannot hold Lorraine liable in any way for injuries that may occur whilst training.

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