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Healthy eating: tips for travelling with young children

Healthy eating: tips for travelling with young childrenKeen traveller and wholesome food advocate, Bec McLean, shares her tips for healthy eating with a young family in tow. 

Travelling with children comes with many challenges, especially if you are trying to maintain a healthy and wholesome diet and have certain foods that you don’t eat.

Travel is incredibly important to our family. We have travelled extensively and have learnt a few tricks on how to prepare, be it for few days to a few weeks away.

Here are my simple tips for healthy eating whilst travelling with a baby or toddler:

  1.  Take as much as you can with you!

Whilst you already have more luggage than you could ever have imagined now that you travel with a child, taking supplies with you is a great idea, both in your suitcase and on the plane. I make a variety of snack food the day before travelling and pack them in some air tight containers. I find the flights the most difficult because there is usually no option for extra food for your baby (unless you want it in a jar). Having your own food here is a saviour. I always make sure we have lots of fruit – they are convenient, healthy snacks to get your child through the journey (e.g. bananas, avocado, pears, apples, plums).

  1. Take your own water.

I’ve never encountered a problem with taking children’s cups of water through security. Some don’t even ask you to take it out of your bag. Others will take the liquid for testing, but they will return it. Worst case scenario, they make you empty the cups at security and you refill them afterwards. Flight attendants are usually very helpful with refilling water bottles on flights.

  1. Eat simply.

Most places you go will be able to accommodate your healthy eating practices. Even if it means that you eat a few simpler meals while you are travelling, like steamed fish and vegetables, grilled chicken etc rather than curries or stews.  Ask for them to be cooked with no salt for your child.

  1. Do some research before you travel.

Have a look at the location you’re going to and see what restaurants are situated around you. Ask your hotel if there are any supermarkets nearby to purchase bits and pieces. Also check with your hotel on its kitchen facilities and whether you can cook any of your own food in your room.

  1. Find alternatives.

If your child has almond milk instead of cow’s milk, this can be tricky when travelling. Almond powder is a great alternative; you can buy it or make your own, it just needs water added to it, and it doesn’t take up much room. Alternatively, you may end up with a few long life containers in your luggage, which is what we always do!

  1. Don’t stress too much if you can’t stay completely on track.

When you return home and get back to your normal schedule, eating habits will return to normal too.

Click here for a copy of Bec’s healthy travel snack.

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Hi, I'm Bec, a lover of fresh, healthy food, wife and mother to two young children. I am passionate about providing my family with healthy meals made from wholesome ingredients and love creating delicious new meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy. You can follow my recipes at Wholesomebabyledweaning or on instagram: wholesomebabyledweaning

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