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Healthy Crunchy Chippies

healthy sweet potato chips recipeMy family and I delight in these delicious yummy sweet potato chips! I think they are the perfect, healthy alternative to traditional deep-fried chips. Just don’t tell the kids they aren’t the real thing!  Easy to prepare and big on satisfaction I think they’ll soon be a favourite for your family too…



About the author: I’m Krissy, a once-was sugar addict turned healthy eater (80 percent of the time).  Healthy living doesn’t stop at food, and living healthy doesn’t need to be bland and boring.  Pretty Wee Things is a health and wellness blog dedicated to inspiring health in the prettiest way possible.  When I’m not in the kitchen or drinking almond milk lattes, I’m spending time with my big and little loves, working part time and studying to be a certified nutrition and health coach. Follow Krissy on her blog as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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