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Lose Weight with Quick Changes: No Fads Needed!

Lose Weight with Quick Changes

Wondering how to lose weight with quick changes? Want to make some subtle shifts that will also shift those pesky kgs? Here’s some practical, real and easy-to-achieve tips to get you started. (PS – No fads required!) 

Baby Hints and Tips fitness guru, Jenine Dilts-Baymen shares her tips on how to make small changes that will lead to weight loss

For many, losing weight can seem like an endless, expensive battle – yet it doesn’t have to be! More often than not, we lose sight of how it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in our health. You can lose weight with quick changes – and this is how! 

The important thing to remember is every little bit counts! The whole cream milk in your latte. The extra butter on your croissant. Skipping breakfast, but then eating more at lunch. The soft drink you had. That 3pm sugar craving, resulting in a chocolate bar. The many glasses of wine at night. The minimal number of steps you took today – the list goes on!

Below I’ve listed some of the ways you can start to drop the extra kilos and save some money while doing it. Your mantra as you implement each of these tips will be “every little bit counts”. Repeat that to yourself whenever you feel that moment of resistance…and then, take action!

Tip #1 – Avoid the sugar fix!

You know it, I know it, yet most of us seem to do it… the afternoon (or evening) sugar fix. Your go-to might be chocolate, or candy, or soft drink, or even a cookie. The reality is, your body is craving something that you haven’t given it, and you’re reaching for what’s fast, convenient, and simple. But what if we replaced that sugar fix with a sweet treat that was actually GOOD for you?

Or, what if we retrained your mind to give your body what it actually needs in this situation – hydration and nutrients? It will take some adjustment, but by removing the refined sugar fix and replacing it with a fibrous, nutrient dense alternative, such as raw balls or chopped veggies & fruit, you’re giving your body what it actually needs and it won’t be long until you feel, and see, a difference!

Tip #2 – Move more!

This one may be obvious, but if you think about the number of times you’ve had a chance to move during the day, but chose not to, you might be surprised! Moving more doesn’t have to be an expensive gym class. It can be as simple as parking your car further away at the grocery store. Taking the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator. Getting off the bus one stop further away from home than you usually would. Walking with your kids to school instead of driving. Catching up for a walk with friends. Yes, each of these actions takes a bit of extra time, and you’ll need to plan ahead giving yourself 5 extra minutes here and there, but the results will be well worth it. You’ll notice a big change, and you won’t have spent an extra cent!

Lose Weight with Quick Changes

Tip #3 – Water, water, water!

Hydration is absolutely critical in achieving sustainable weight loss, and is necessary for living a full productive life. It is one of your bodies most basic needs, and allows it to function. But if it’s so important, why are so many of us reaching for alternatives? Coffee, tea, soft drink, alcoholic beverages, what are they giving us that water doesn’t? An additional stimulant! One that your body doesn’t really need, but the more you give it, the more you want it.

Offering your body water instead is a fantastic way to drop unwanted kilos, keep yourself hydrated, and save money. It’s a simple, effective strategy. Start your day with a large glass of water, one at lunch and one at dinner, and aim for two 750mL bottles consumed throughout your day. It will take some getting used to, but again, the difference will be so worth it.

Tip #4 – Get more sleep

Yes, sleep plays a big role in your bodies ability to stay healthy! Now I know for us parents, we rarely get as much sleep as we might like, especially when kids are young. In this phase of life, just roll with it, be there for your baby and know that it won’t always be like this!But for those with slightly older kids, getting a solid 8 hours of sleep per night will greatly assist your body to recover from the day completed, and regenerate for the day ahead! If you struggle with getting to sleep, try meditating before bed, moving more throughout the day, and avoiding sugary fixes within those 2 hours before bedtime. Sleep really is a big player in creating sustainable results in weight loss. Skip the extra Netflix episode and get some shut eye.

Tip #5 – Eat more fruits & veggies

This one is so simple, yet a big struggle for many people. But again, if you want to be in top form, physically and mentally, you’re going to need to up your fruit and veggie intake. An easy way to start getting more fruits and veggies is to include at least one at every meal and snack, complementing the other food groups on your plate.

Aim for a different sort at each sitting, looking to receive a rainbow of colour into your body. Consuming veggies and fruits of all colours ensures you’re nourishing your body with a variety of antioxidants and phytonutrients! Give it a try. The next time you make or order a meal, aim for something with a variety of veggies in the dish. Delicious, nourishing, and a easy way to help you achieve your goal weight.

Whether or not you’ll achieve your weight loss goals doesn’t come down to how much money you spend, but how you change your mindset, followed by what action, support, and professional guidance you seek. Find me at www.jeninediltsbayman.com and join in from anywhere. I’d love to help you on this journey…

About the Author: Jenine Dilts-Bayman is The Mums Fitness Expert: Founder of the New Mama Lifestyle online program, The Healthy Live Collective, and Mums With Bubs Fitness. Her aim is to empower, educate and support women towards better health, connecting them to their bodies, their babies & their communities!

Jenine holds over 16 years industry experience, her Certificiate IV in Fitness, an Honours degree in Sports Management, and specialises in pre and postnatal training. She is enthusiastic about the positive difference her programs make to strengthening families, both physically and emotionally.


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