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Helpful tips for a first time breastfeeder

first time breastfeedingJust wanting some tips on first time breastfeeding.

  • Don’t look at the clock – feed as often as baby needs. If you have been having a stressful day/bub not feeding/stirring/not sleeping etc try to spend some time in bed in the quiet with shirt off and have some skin to skin. Don’t let people try to give unwanted advice.. or if they do, just ignore them. Sometimes we need to vent about how little sleep we got last night, without someone turning around and telling you to put baby on formula so they sleep longer. How much you pump does not indicate your supply – some people just don’t respond to a breast pump. You will know if baby is getting enough if they have 6-8 wet nappies a day. .wow I could just sit here rambling all day! But all in all just try to be relaxed, feed baby often, don’t let others make you feel inadequate, & if you are having issues seek help from an IBCLC Michelle
  • Forget the bloody housework Rest drink plenty of liquid eat healthy food Do not be afraid to accept help if it is offered after you at home with baby RELAX and enjoy baby Celia
  • Someone once gave me the best advice and i treasured it. Take your time, you are both learning at it. It’s time consuming but so wonderful. Don’t rush or feel pressured, relax and enjoy. Don’t think of it as ‘if I fail I can just bottle feed’ instead I said to myself, I will relax and I will enjoy cuddling my baby, gazing into her eyes watching her breathe, suckle and relax. Once you get it, it’s easy. If you can’t do it, you certainly are not a failure. Good luck and congratulations. Emma
  • Demand feed, don’t let anyone tell you you are feeding too much! If u need to supplement with formula (it took nine days for my milk to come in) use an sns system for nursing whilst giving formula, lactation consultants can help with it… Also look up Oprah Winfrey five baby signs on YouTube, quite interesting and 9/10 was accurate for my little girl good luck! Meagan
  • DONT GIVE UP! Breast feeding is NOT easy but if you can make it to six weeks you will be a confident, comfortable feeding mummy. Take Lansinoh to hospital and put it on after every feed. Also hydrogel breast discs help. Sarah
  • if it doesn’t work do not feel guilty, not everyone can bf and shouldn’t be made feel guilty for not Carol
  • Feed, feed and feed sone more. Be prepared to commit yourself to constantly feeding. Don’t stick to any schedule. And feed laying down whenever you can. It’s very relaxing!! Persevere and keep going. It’s so worth the effort. Amy
  • Best advice i received was that the baby is learning to feed just as u are. Breastfeeding can take a good 6 weeks to get into and is different for each baby. U need to be patient and believe in urself and definitely keep water next to u! Rebecca
  • It hurts. Not every woman can do it. If you can’t, it just doesn’t feel right, your instinct tells you bub isn’t getting enough milk, go with your gut. Lactation consultants are the best thing ever, if you’re having problems go see one rather than a gp. Hydrogel breast discs are a godsend. Persist, it can take a while to get the hang of. Let bubs empty one side completely before offering the other. Alternate between boobs. It isn’t all roses and natural like people will tell you, i had drs and midwives bullying me into trying for 4 months with my 3rd but I knew in my gut it wasn’t working for us and giving up was the best thing, but they all made me feel so guilty. Just follow your instinct and good luck! Katherine
  • First sign of trouble don’t ask anyone but a certified lactation consultant, you can find one here ‪http://www.lcanz.org/find-a-consultant.htm to be honest it can hurt so prepare for that, but if the pain persists an IBCLC is who is appropriately qualified to help you. An Aus breastfeeding association class prior to birth is $20 well spent too
  • smile emoticon Ange
  • Tummy to tummy, nipple to nose, wait for bubs jaw to drop open like taking a big bite from a sandwhich and then push bubs ahead onto your breast, do not try put your nipple in bubs mouth as it won’t be a good latch. If the latch is painful bub is not on properly, it may be uncomfortable at first but not painful. Keep feeding to help keep your supply up and when you feel like it’s getting too hard remember that determination and perseverance is what will get you through the tough times x Reyne
  • Coming from someone who was not that fussed about it, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world sometimes! Being so close and knowing that I am the only one that can do this for my baby. I even love the night feeds where the house is quiet but for the sounds of breathing from my hubby and dogs. Make sure you have a comfy chair, a drink bottle beside it, something to read and a good nightlight for when feeding. Enjoy every minute of it, because there will be lots of minutes of it!!! Tracey
  • Make sure you feel confident in what you are doing before you leave the hospital, the midwives are a huge help. Also it surprised me how long it takes to begin with, sometimes up to an hour once you have done both sides, so be prepared, have a drink handy, go to the bathroom first etc! Over time the bub will become a much faster feeder. Also my little girl fell asleep constantly while feeding to start with, so to make sure she got a good feed in each time so that I wasn’t feeding off and on all day I would take off some of her layers to wake her up (winter baby), tickle her toes, blow gently on her face etc. Good luck! Robyn
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Don’t settle for close enough good enough on your latch – if your nipple is being pinched at all your child health nurse can arrange for you to see a lactation consultant free of charge. Have a nipple shield on hand – its great for sore nipples and was a life saver when bub refused to feed due to the hardening of my breasts the first night after my milk came in – but use it as little as possible as some bubs get too attached to it (wasnt an issue for me). Don’t give up! It gets far easier over time and in the long term has great health benefits for bub, and is way cheaper and more convenient than bottle feeding Bec

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