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Signs of labour starting?

How did you know that your labour had started? What were your signs of labour?

what were your signs of labour starting

  • I thought I just had mild period cramps. They started becoming more frequent so we went to the hospital to get checked and I was 8cm dilated! So I didn’t really know I was in labour!
  • I started getting contractions the day before I gave birth they just kept getting worse I stayed home until I couldn’t handle the pain. Kaleyah 3 Rylan 2 Breana 5 months
  • First time it was the contractions starting second time I had a show then later in the day the contractions started. Mum of Tylah 3 1/2 Kyan 10 Months
  • I was woken up in the middle of the night needing to go to the toilet as I got out of bed my water broke and my contractions were instantly 5 minutes apart. Mum of Mia 17months
  • I was induced with my daughter, as i ruptured my waters up high and had a slow leak, she was three weeks early. Mum of Kirra 2
  • I was induced with my first so that was easy but my second it took some fairly strong and constant contractions for me to realise (i’d had some nasty braxton hicks for about a week beforehand) Mum of Corban- 3 1/2, Layla- 1
  • My waters broke and 5 hours later I was induced. Mum of Bodhi – 3 Roman – 8 months
  • My waters broke!
  • What felt like cramps in my stomach. Mum of Aleisha- May 2yrs
  • Initially I was unsure, but I kept a piece of paper next to me and wrote down how often the contractions were coming, they got closer together, then further apart then closer together and unbearably strong until there was no doubt labour had begun
  • First time contractions sporadically during day, then waters broke and we thought it was best to go to hospital. Second time elected ceaser, no labour pains – bliss. Mum of Mia 26 months Caius 9 months
  • Back pain “Show”. Mum of Zach 1
  • The pain I was experiencing and the fact I was overdue. Mum of Aaron 3 Peter 6mnth
  • When my water broke. Was in Labour most of the day before then, but I was at work and thought it was just a sore back and braxton hicks. When to the hospital and they sent me home. My water broke 20 minutes after being home.
  • Was very unsure as my labour started and stopped over a period of a week. Ended up induced with the second. Mum of Stephanie 4 Belinda 1
  • Got clumsy then the pain. Mum of mr L – 17 Miss R – 7 Mr E – 3
  • 1st labour, didn’t realise my sore back was actually early labour for a few hours, then mad nesting 2nd labour, braxton hicks getting stronger & stronger then mad nesting 3rd labour, head dropped right down when I was at the shops buying a dust buster for my mad nesting! Mum of 7, 2.5 & 9 months
  • My water broke, and then i had strong contractions an hour later. Mum of nikiah 18 months
  • Had regular contractions – which I first noticed as lower back pain. Mum of Milla (4yrs) Isobel (2 yrs)
  • Period like pains. When i got to the transition stage I always vomitied, so that was always a give away. Mum of Erika 4 years Liam 3 Years Claire 2 years Riley 11mths and currently pregnant with number 5 🙂
  • I had tummy tightenings & back pain from around 4pm. I didn’t actually have contractions 3-5 mins apart, but was on the toilet, and there was bright red blood. I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not, so got hubby to ring the hospital to find out. We got to the hospital at 8:30pm, hooked up to the machine to measure the contractions, and they said “Yep you’re in labour” – my daughter was born at 10:40pm that same night. 🙂 Mum of Lara 1
  • I was induced 🙁 Mum of Mia Annabelle aged 1
  • 1st labour was induced at 43weeks 2nd labour regular contractions & rupture of membranes. Mum of Niamh, 10yrs Xanthe, 6 weeks
  • My waters broke..
  • My waters broke. Mum of Luka 18 months
  • My waters broke first time but had no contactions so they induced me. 2nd time because of complications I was induced. Mum of Maddison – 2years Lacie – 6 months
  • I was having contractions. Mum of Jake 21months
  • Induced with 1st, Natural labour with 2nd so back pain and labour pains. Booked C-section for 3rd. Mum of Jack – 4 Noah – 2 Chloe – 5mths
  • Had the cramping for pregnancy No: 1 And for my 2nd pregnancy my waters broke. Mum of Mia 36months James 14 months
  • I was induced. Mum of Jasmin 3 months
  • I was induced! Mum of Mason, 12 months
  • Had c-sections.
  • Contractions became very very strong and i was unable to do anything other than concentrate on them. Mum of mitch 4 yrs Lochie 2 years
  • When I realised I was having regular 5-6min contractions. I still wasn’t so sure but they intensified and when they were two mins apart dit the mad dash to the hospital. Mum of 4months 6yrs 7yrs
  • Onset of contractions. Mum of Daemon-13 Jasmyn-4 Liam-20 months, one on the way

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