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How to get a baby to sleep

how to get a baby to sleepI need ideas on how to get a baby to sleep? All my old tricks just result in kicking, screaming and huge tantrums these days so im looking for some new ideas for my 8.5month old.

  • I got the johnsons sleep time wash and cream, I give my daughter a bath. then give her a good massage and she’s 2 Emma
  • Dad. I used to have to feed DD to sleep every night but literally gave her to her Dad to try and shes asleep within 2 mins, now he doesnt even have to hold her he puts her in the cot she waves and goes to sleep Ami-Lee
  • Sleep sense program by Dana obleman Emily
  • I sing the goodnight song… you just take the tune of a song they like and change the words to goodnight n put their name in there somewhere. my 7yo still loves the goodnight song Sharnee
  • When all else false I put mine in her lullaby baby swing. Brooke
  • I’ve found with my now 23 month old, when he has decided not to sleep, if I laid on my bed, and help him tight, he would fight me for about 5 mins, kick and cry, but shortly after he would forget why he was fighting and crying and after ten minutes he would be asleep. These days he’s much easier, just put him in, say goodnight and he’s down. Good luck Rebecca
  • We let our bub play in his cot while he is sleepy and he just falls asleep by himself. And once he is asleep we go in and take his toys out of his cot. Jayde
  • Lay down next to bub if rocking amd feeding didn’t work Courteney
  • I put mine in bed and shut the door. After about a week they learn its bed time and drink their bottle and go straight too sleep. Chloe
  • 10 months old – put him in his rocker at rock him until he doses off, even if he’s kicking and screaming he eventually settles. Or I cuddle him and sing him lullabies Asha
  • They just muck around from 9 months and test their boundries. Chloe
  • Get the book save our sleep by tizzy hall, its a calm sooting way to a variation of cry it out but without mum getting so flustered. It was my life saver for my first. Pm me if you want any mored details. Alicia
  • Lay down with them and breast feed to sleep or just wait til the nod off them selves! A warm bath with Epsom salts (magnesium) and lavender oil helps a lot too! Rose
  • we used to pat to sleep now I turn her star on ( tomy) and let her cry a little and she goes to sleep. sometimes she doesn’t even cry just straight to sleep Renee
  • White noise app Leslie
  • Radio…talk back radio to be specific. Sounds funny but it worked. Trisha
  • Look up a method that suits you and stick to it. If you do not notice an improvement within a few days of applying the same technique to every sleep time, find another technique. Young babies adapt to consistency, but if you are still fighting just as hard after a few days you know it’s not working – but if you are having improvement, even just gradual, you know it is working. Be sure to look up info on how much sleep and awake time is appropriate so you have a rough idea on tired signs etc. A baby who is not ready to sleep yet will fight it, and a baby who is overtired will fight even harder! See a child health nurse too if you aren’t already and have access to one. It’s exhausting…. but worth it if you can find something that works. I feel for you xxx Dani
  • We have a bed time routine of dinner, bath, bottle, cuddle to sleep. He knows exactly what is coming up and he goes to sleep every night with absolutely no fuss at all. I highly recommend routine! Sharn
  • What didn’t work last week might work this week! I read the save our sleep book by tizzi hall and after 3 long years of problematic sleeping miss 3.5 is sleeping through! Karra
  • Routine is key I’ve had 2 good sleepers so far. Don’t read any books or listen to anyone else’s advice just do what seems right and works for you it is the advice and everything flowing around that makes you flustered Sarah
  • feed them to sleep or pat…gentle respectful and positive association for life…and you won’t be doing it forever Natalie
  • I did the sleep routine where u let them cry for 1min go in lay back down with a “shh it’s sleep time’, then increase the time to 2,3,4,5mins I did this at 9mths with my 2nd boy & just stuck with 5min intervals. My 1st boy was almost 2 when I did this routine so let the time increase 5,10,15 etc. They both were settling easier with each day & by 4th day no crying at all. I made sure I was not too tired/stressed when starting these routines just to help stay calm through it. When starting the routine with my second child I tried to make it about 1/2hr earlier then bedtime for my toddler so that it wouldn’t wake him or keep him up too late if it took a while, also had them in separate rooms at the time too. I’m due to have my 3rd child & plan to try & self settle from about 6mths or when they begin to stop falling asleep with their feed. Kathleen
  • Our routine is dinner bath a bottle ( was exclusively fb till 12 months now has milk currently 13 months ) a bit of quiet play then she lays on me and has cuddles until she nods of has done so about 4 months now always asleep by 7 at the latest – I’m a single mum and this works best for us as it’s not stressful and we both get cuddles at the end of a long day Tegan
  • Both my boys went through this around then. I sleep trained them… Left them to play and hang out in cot u til they started crying, ignoring grizzling and then went in at 5 mins, 7 min, 9 min intervals. Didn’t go longer than 10 mins unless he started to have long pauses in crying… Which signals he’s winding down. I truly think that they wanted to be independent but didnt know how and needed to be shown that they were able to go to sleep by themselves.We still now (they are almost three and almost two) have long cuddles and chats before sleep but they go to sleep by themselves (notwithstanding sicknesses/nightmares etc) – it only took three days and was hard on everyone but they wake up smiling and happy each morning (including after crying) -dont be scared to give it a go…. I hated the idea of them crying – still do- but crying is there way of figuring it out. Xanthe
  • Sleeping Bag. My 11 month old was the same and I put him in a bag and he is a different baby! Most night he doesn’t even cry & sleeps though now for the first time in 6 months. Katie
  • I used to sit on a fit ball and bounce with her in my arms. But then when she got too heavy I did the Babylove method of self settling Wendy
  • After working for 5 years in child care and now having my own ds my advice is find what works for your child, I have known children that will only fall asleep if you do one particular thing anything from playing with hair, side of face, hand, finger, tummy, back, belly button. It’s what relaxes them. Another child if you sat with or near her she wouldn’t sleep. Another wouldn’t sleep without a sleep kiss. Try different things and find what works for your child and make sure you are relaxed as they feed off your energy so relax and they will… Amy
  • 8.5 months is the key sleep regression and seperation anxiety time. Read the book wonder weeks or get the app and feed and hold your baby! An 8 mo can’t throw a tantrum on purpose! Follow their sleep and feed cues . You don’t need a strict routine, never need to leave them to cry. Right now baby is learning that Mum will always be there when I call. Its key time in your child’s healthy attachment to you. Kimmy
  • Routine! We do kiss daddy goodnight, sleeping bag on & bottle and my 9 mo is always right out. Rochelle
  • Routine… My girl is 7 months old and has had the same routine since we bought her home. Bath, bottle, bed. Always having the bottles with dim lights and not talking to her just keep it quite and relaxing. Never had a problem with her falling asleep. She has 4 older brothers who followed the exact same routine and I’ve never had a problem with them falling asleep either. Find a routine that works for u and stick to it. Try it for a week or so if it doesn’t work try something else. Don’t give up it will take bub awhile to figure out the routine. Juanita

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