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How To Burp A Sleeping Baby

how to burp a sleeping babyJust wondering if anyone please has any special techniques for burping babies while they are fast asleep? DD is 6mths and every night lately I can’t get her burp out after her midnight feed cos she is fast asleep! She then wakes every hour until I can get it out of her which doesn’t happen!

  • I used to prop my son on my lap with his face in my palm and gently rub and pat his back to burp him. It used to take a few attempts but he would eventually burp. Lisa
  • I laid my boys on my chest upright whilst sitting and usually that would work within 10 minutes other times hubby or I would sit them on our knee upright and do the normal burping technique and they very rarely woke up except to burp and would nod back off. Best of luck x Stacey
  • I had a prem 5 weeks ago, & only brought baby home this weekend. What I’ve learnt from the nurses in Neonatal ICU, is that when you’ve been struggling for longer than 10 minutes with a burp after feed, or you’ve managed to burp them but the tongue is still stuck against the upper part of the mouth, lay baby down on their right side. the wind will come out! Firzaan
  • I would gently lay my son flat in my arms, then bring him up slowly to a sitting position, then lay down again, then back up to a sitting position. Kept doing this until I got a burp.
    Or I would stand up and just hold him up to my shoulder and rub his back whilst walking him back to bed. Also did a little jiggle to help bring up the bubbles. Tiffany
  • Try laying her upwards across your torso so her head is on your right shoulder. You can them lean your body to the right, so she tilts this way. When you lay them on their left, the burps pop up a lot easier (something to do with the way the stomach opening sits) also stretching them out straighter across your body seems to allow the wind to release easier as well, rather than when they are all scrunched up. When I feed my 10month old, as soon as I sit him up and tilt him left he does the biggest burbs. I hope this helps.  With her tummy to your tummy, just cuddle her, but have her upright and slightly tilted to your right Serena
  • Sometimes bubba would burp just detaching her from my nipple. Other times she would burp as I was putting her up to my shoulder. Other than that I would just lay her across my chest and rub her back. Carly
  • I lay my boy on my lap, on his belly and pat & rub his back smile emoticon that works for us. Teshaana
  • I use to lay bub on her back for afew seconds then pick her back up and continue burping her and the burp would come almost instantly lol i found this out by changing her nappy and it worked every time. Lisa
  • I just bicycle my bubbas legs he either burps or farts 😀 Teegan
  • At 6 months I didn’t need to burp my son but I would suggest stopping mid feed nd burping then best she drifts off.. This is what we did when he was newborn n it helped a lot. Lucy
  • Put baby over your right shoulder. . Bear in mind that the stomach is like a letter J. So if you put them over your left shoulder (natural shoulder to put them on) it actually blocks the stomach off. Rosemary
  • I rock my bub side to side. And eventually the burps come up. Alicia
  • Lay baby down on their side and wind will come out i do that and it’s fine. Sindi

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