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How to transition bub to being unwrapped

swaddled babyMy little man is 24 weeks. I’m thinking of transitioning him out of his swaddle, any suggestions? 

  • Try going cold turkey before racing out and buying sleeping bags as you will have to ‘wean’ from that also. My daughter responded really well to not being wrapped and I just did it cold turkey. Otherwise do it gradually loosening the wrap every sleep till bub is comfortable without it.   Courteney
  •  The I love to swaddle range has a transition swaddle where you slowly release 1 arm at a time. Maybe you could find something like that.   Krista
  •  We stop swaddling at 6 months but we went cold turkey and put him straight into a sleeping bag, the first night way horrible and took him ages to go to sleep but the next day he still cried but it got less and less and now 2 weeks pass he is amazing falls asleep straight away! I thought it would be easier to go cold turkey then to do it slowly.   Suzie
  •  One arm out for a week then the other.   Ashley
  •  Do it if he’s not responding well. My daughter hated it! I put her arms out and swaddled her but she would still be annoyed so I skipped it altogether very early on.   Irene
  •  With my dd we slowly started unwrapping het. She had one arm out from about 5mnths, we just let the other arm out (she’s now 7.5mnths) were still wrapping het body but will hopefully be able to stop that soon too. Gradually doing it i think is better than cold turkey. Good luck!    Sammy
  •  We went from swaddling to sleeping bags and switched between them while he was around 2 months. Now he is 7 months and we just use sleeping bags only if it’s cooler and a blanket over him or just a sleeping bag no blanket or even just a blanket tucked in the sides of his bed.   Olivia
  •  Try a sleeping bag with arms. Makes them feel secure without totally letting them loose. Can get good transitional weather ones at a good price at best & less. We paid $5.   Sarah
  •  One arm out for a couple weeks, when he’s used to that let him have both arms. I used an ergo cocoon as it let them have some hand movement first had the press stud arm holes to easily let one out at a time.   Tamara
  •  My 6.5 was in the ergo cocoon and couldn’t sleep without both arms in then all of a sudden she started rolling on her tummy so with both arms restrained was dangerous. Someone suggested getting one of those comfort blankets that have the little teddy heads or equivalent so she has something to hold on to rather than her arms flying around the cot and her face… Within a day she was sleeping well with arms out- we have a little routine we rub the teddy on her face and she clamps onto it and cuddles- when she won’t settle I just rub the teddy on her cheek and place her hands on it until she settles… Good luck!   Melissa


I need to stop wrapping my baby. How do I go about it?

  • 1 arm out for day sleeps till they are happy with that then same one out over night, once ok with have both arms out for day sleep etc.   Sarah.
  •  Gradually do it instead of doing it at one time say, put a wrap around it instead of a firmly tight swaddle. You still wrap her in using the wrap, but should not be very tight as before, so that its hands can move A little bit. Just use 3-4 days to let it get used to the un-tightly-wrapped status, so that it will not wake up even you unwrap her entirely.   Rachel
  •  Cold turkey, straight into a sleeping bag. With all my 3 I did it at around 4 months, their sleeps were disrupted for no more than 2 days/nights but then went back to normal.   Michelle
  •  I started weaning my last baby during her day sleeps 1arm at a time. By about 7/8 months she started just taking her wrap to bed in her hands and rubs it on her face (&in the car too!) hope this helps! Ps my baby was really attached to being wrapped!   Sarah
  •  My dd is almost 10 months old and has decided to roll on her belly to sleep – I still had her in her sleeping bag with arms in. She’s old enough to move her head etc it seems in bed on her belly. Anyway – tonight is the first night with a sleeping bag, allowing arms out. Her two day sleeps today she fell asleep in it after a while too so this was also a good test. People sometimes say to try one arm first for a while but really – couldn’t be bothered. All out, cop the few days where sleep is a bit crap then things get better!    Jess

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