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How to Turn a Posterior Baby

Posterior Baby:  This is when baby is in the occiput position (OP) meaning that the back of baby’s head is against their mother’s back. The reason this is not ideal is the way the baby presents their head to to the pelvis during birth.  A baby in an anterior position presents the crown of their head which mould more easily during birth.  The baby in the posterior position presents the top of their head which is more of an oblong shape and has a larger area.

How to Turn a Posterior Baby

Majority of babies in the posterior position will turn during labour.  A posterior labour may be slower and may cause more back pain.

What are some ways I can try and encourage a posterior baby to turn?

Get on all 4s and rock to turn baby

  • I was told get on all 4s and rock i have 4 kids and 2 of them were posterior nothing was turning them. It is a very different labour more in your back last a little longer normally as its harder for their head to descend and pushing takes longer also I hope bub turns but if not good luck its very possible to deliver a posterior baby mine were 8.3 and 6.3. Cassie
  • Lots of squats and rocking on all fours, hip circles on a fit ball. BUT…. Many turn in labour. I did all I could and went in with a posterior bub which turned all the way around and came out perfectly anterior (but all those squats etc can’t hurt!) good luck Ange
  • Spend some time on all fours (hands and knees) so that baby isn’t pressed so hard against you, but rather hanging. Worked for me, she turned/rolled. Kara
  • Lots of leaning over on all fours. And sit forward which you sit on a couch. Or even better, sit on a chair backwards. If you think, their back is the heaviest part of them so you want as much leaning forward as possible to encourage bub to swing it’s back back to the front. My youngest was posterior from about 30 weeks and I just tried everything. Got him half way (lying head down but on the side) Didn’t completely turn until I was in labour. Good luck still very possible to deliver bub posterior, just not as much fun for mum Emerald
  • Get on hands and knees (all fours) and rock and rock and rock. Danielle

They can be delivered in posterior position

  • My second baby laid the right way my whole pregnancy and during labour somewhere from 7cms dilation he turned posterior and was delivered this way.  Keep in mind that they can still turn back that way. Juanita
  • Mine was posterior but not until I was in labour the midwives told me to stand crouched over the bed and rock side to side, he never turned though and I was in active labour for 15 hours. It was painful but I had a natural birth no pain killers and once he was born you forget about the pain. The only problem is the baby getting distressed or his head getting stuck, my babies head got stuck but was still able to push him out. Good luck Ave
  • Baby didn’t turn for me.  Posterior labour was the WORST a shower and rocking I found helped luck baby came quick for me Jasmine

Try spinning babies to turn your posterior baby

  • Check out the ‘spinning babies’ website. Lyn
  • Check out the spinning babies website, they’re got lots of info on getting bub into the best position Brianne
  • There’s a website called Spinning Babies. They have a lot of good stuff that will help Teagan
  • Look up www.spinningbabies.com for techniques. But don’t be let down if nothing works, my last 2 were posterior until halfway through labour Rochelle

Nothing would turn my baby

  • Nothing would move my bub, he must have just been comfy laying that way. If he would move into a better position he would be back posterior the next day. Jade

Sex on all 4s to turn baby

  • Sounds really crude. But doing a particular adult activity on your hands and knees works. My baby turned within the week.. Gennevieve
  • There’s a website called spinning babies-heaps of information an turning bubs! Good luck! Sarah
  • I was told that whenever I was sitting I should try to lean forward and sort of hang my baby bump in between my legs. First bub was posterior, so have been paranoid about the second. Sharlene


  • I’ve heard acupuncture can be beneficial for changing bub’s position, though I haven’t tried it myself. Jo

Walk on a kerb to turn baby

  • I was induced and had a posterior bub when I went in I had to kerb walk (one foot on kerb one on road) and make sure you swap around. Sit on a fit ball leaning forward with arms resting on something (bed/ chair) and bounce. Worked for me. Renee

Optimal fetal positioning

  • Google optimal fetal positioning. Chiropractor can help ensure best uterine posture to encourage best positioning also. The basic premise is linked to continually keeping your body in best posture position, always sleep on your left, sit upright in a dining chair rather than a soft couch, keep 2 feet on floor i.e. don’t cross legs, if you need to rest/put feet up lay down. I’ve had 3 great births with zero posterior baby positions (could be my luck or awareness of the above info- who knows!?!) But I figured it was worth a shot Megan

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Was your baby posterior? Share your experiences below.

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