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Induction with gel

For those who were induced with gel alone, what were your experiences? How soon did labour progress after the gel was applied? Was anyone allowed to go home after the first application of the gel?induction with gel

  • I had induction with gel and was allowed to leave after the first application but had a niggling pain so decided to stay, thank goodness I did, our daughter arrived 45 minutes after it was applied!!!!! Lisa
  • Gel at 4:30pm, waters broke at 8pm, Bub out by midnight! No dramas with the induction at all, except constant monitoring sucks! Joanne
  • 1st baby. I had 1 application of gel for induction, at 12 days past due date, 5 hours and 36 minutes later I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby. No gas, no drugs, no intervention, no tearing. Blake
  • I had the gel on Monday afternoon not sure what time then I got pains in the back around midnight they gave me more gel around 8 in the morning on Tuesday still nothing so they had to bust the water my gorgeous son was born at 10.06am he was 9 pound 5. Wasn’t allowed to go home. Kathy
  • Turns out I was hypersensative to the induction gels!!! Soon as it touched my cervix it’s was go time. Apparently that’s a reaction? Stephanie
  • I had the gel & basically started having contractions straight away tho they stopped after about 5hrs, had a stretch and sweep which kicked them off again, then my waters were broken. Had contractions on top of each other for a few minutes at a time for the remainder of the labour they think hypersensitivity to the gel (delayed reaction lol) also had the synto. Doubtful they’ll let you go home, however I was encouraged to roam the hospital. You could ask for a stretch and sweep if your close to term, they usually do it from around your visit/check up around 39 wks+ then you go home like normal. Can sometimes kick things off. Bec
  • I was induced with gel at 9am. Was allowed to leave but had to be back that afternoon. In labour by 2ish. Hospital by 5. Doc Broke my waters at 7. Bub by 11.24pm. A great experience for my 1st and no way near as scary as I thought it would be. Tiff
  • I had induction gel applied around midday. Nothing but a few cramps. Dr tried to break my waters at 5pm but failed. More gel at 8pm was not dilated at all. Pethidine injection 9pm. Woke around midnight in labour and Bub arrived at 2:20am. Carolyn
  • My labour was induced by gel only for my second pregnancy. It was applied 8pm at night then I went into the maternity ward to sleep. Woke at 5:00am with slight contractions then full blown labour by 6:00am and gave birth at 7:30am. A very intense but short labour. Angela
  • I had one lot of gel applied at 5.30pm contractions started at 7pm water broke at 10pm and baby was here at 3am. No horror stories here beautiful labour. Sarah
  • Gel done around 8.30pm, first contractions around 11pm waters break around midnight, babe in arms less than 2 hours later. They wouldn’t allow me to go home but my husband had to go home and as a consequence of the fast progression of labour, he didn’t make it back in time (by about 30 seconds). Monique
  • Totally closed and effaced, no where near anything happening in its own… had gel inserted at 6.30pm, labour started at 8.15pm and son born at 3.06am…. All happened extremely quickly. Definitely not allowed home as they have to monitor every couple of hours x Karen
  • I had 4 rounds of the gel, my waters broken then I had time for a shower before contractions started. 56 minutes later i had bub in my arms (yes under an hour start to finish). I had gestational diabetes so bub was monitored almost constantly so no going home. Cassie


  • Gel applied 7am and again about 2pm. Got to go home inbetween but had to sleep overnight in hospital. Not much sleeping happened as water broke at 11.45pm and my girl was born at 3.15am. Jade


  • I’ve been induced with gel twice, once public, once private. First time had gel at 7am, then again lunch time-ish, but didn’t go into labour until had my waters broken. Could leave hospital in between applications, but just to walk around, not go home. Second time had gel at 7pm, got sent home at midnight, had my second application at 7am, but had to have my waters broken again to start labour. First labour was 2 and a half hours active, second was 2 hours. Not horror stories here-when I found out I was being induced, I heard all the horror stories, and freaked myself out! So much so we didn’t tell anyone (other than the people watching our first!) that we were being induced again so everyone could keep their opinions to themselves. Kellie
  • I had three doses of gel before things got going; my mucous plug fell out, then a few hours later my waters partially broke. I had the sintocin drip in birthing unit but ended up having a caesar after 10.5hours of unproductive labour.
    Once they administer the gel you can’t leave the hospital. Louise
  • I was induced with the gel at 0900, waters broken at 1130, and gave birth at 2321!! Erin
  • Had the gel at 5pm Thursday, contractions irregular for a few hours then by 9pm 5min lasting a min- they also didnt believe me and said it was tightenings ( you csn get irritation down there from them) but trust me youll know that its something different! My cervix was soft and thin though previously… i had to stay due to needing the drip if nothing happened (due to issues with me not bub) good luck its definitely doable. Meagan
  • I had just the 1 lot of gel around 2pm on the monday. Checked me at 7pm and they were happpy enough with the progress so gave me sleeping tablets and sent me back to the room. Went back to birthing suite at 6am i was 3cm so they broke my waters and labour kicked in big time. I think i was in labour for about 4 hrs before they checked how far i was and was only 4cm so had epidural and eventually had bub at 8pm tues night. Jacqui
  • I had gel at 8 am felt nothing and then 2nd gel at 3pm and by 9 pm my contractions were intense! Had little miss Sophie at 7:15am the following day. Christina
  • Induced 1 lot of gel 615pm contractions by 11pm midwife broke waters at 215 would have been done earlier but waited for hubby to come back born at 5.05am no drugs 50 mins pushing. Kara
  • I had the gel at 6pm Sunday night and contractions started around 2am. Was in active labour from 5am and my baby was born at 11:30am Monday morning. They took the gel out at midnight because I was naturally dilating and the gel was rapidly progressing it. They took it out so I could get some sleep before I lost all my energy from first stages. Kandice

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