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ICP – Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

ICPHas anyone had ICP? (Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy) Did u get induced and when? Also did it affect your pregnancy at all?

  • I had ICP. I was having an elective Caesar regardless but this was brought forward to 37+5. I was diagnosed at 30 although I had been itchy for two week prior to this. I had to take Ursofalk as well. I was lucky that the itch subsided after about a week of taking it. The baby was monitored 3 times a week on CTG and I had weekly blood tests for my liver function and bile salt levels. There is a FB group called Obstetric Cholestasis Assist Australia and New Zealand, join if you like there’s lots of help there!  Jess
  •  I was diagnosed with ICP at 32 weeks, after being misdiagnosed 3 weeks earlier as having a simple ‘skin infection’. My baby wasn’t affected at all; the OB increased my visits to weekly monitoring of blood pressure, LFTs, and bile salts. I was told (at 35 weeks) I could be induced at 37 weeks if the itching got too severe, but despite my hysterically begging the midwives to induce me so it could all be over, they pushed me to keep holding out because baby was coping perfectly. I went into spontaneous labour at 39+2, and the itching subsided within 48hrs of birth. My advice would be to make sure they do follow up blood tests after you have your baby… ICP is meant to resolve with delivery but while my bile salts immediately improved, my liver enzymes did not. A specialist told me then that in rare cases the congestion the liver suffers during ICP can cause it to have trouble functioning normally long term. It took 2.5 years before I was given the ok that I had adequate function to have another baby! But again, that’s very rare good luck, no one understands how traumatic this condition is until they’ve had to go through it!   Asha
  •  Yes I was 38 weeks I had it from 37 weeks I had a bad itchy rash from it. At my check up they told me I would be induced that day to eliminate any risk of still birth but when I went in my baby’s heart rate was all over the place and they did an emergency Caesar straight away. For me it was awful because of the rash but make sure the docs keep a close eye on you as the chance for still birth and bleeding out is higher the longer your preg continues. Good luck I hope it all goes well.   Samara.
  •  I had it too, only affect on pregnancy was how tired I was in labour and days following from lack of sleep. I used to get up in the middle of the night and put my hands and feet in cold water and sleep with a fan and just a sheet. I was cold (it was autumn) but helped the itch. I delivered naturally at 38+2, the day I was due to meet with my ob regarding induction. I begged my baby to come on her own and she did good luck, its torture but it does end!   Katie
  •  I had cholestasis with my last pregnancy. Had all the blood tests to confirm. I was already booked for Caesarian so bub was pulled out straight away.  Jayme-Lee
  •  I was diagnosed at the start of the third trimester after getting insanely itchy – to the point where I was bruising myself. Was put on Ursofalk and had to have blood tests every second day. Medication settled everything I was induced at 39+1. Had a beautiful healthy baby boy they say if you have it with your first pregnancy you’re more than likely to have it with them all. Don’t worry (I’ve done it for you) everything will be fine good luck xxx   Dragica
  •  I had cholestasis when pregnant with my son and was induced at 37 +2. Like another poster commented, it didn’t affect my pregnancy or baby; except for the worry and constant blood tests & CTGs.  I have since discovered though that you shouldn’t go on an oestrogen based contraceptive after having had cholestasis as it can recur.  Cristie
  •  I had it with my son, I was itchy from 28 weeks, but it was dismissed at summer heat and Gestational diabetes, then when I was 36 weeks I raised the subject again, had a blood test and was admitted to hospital there and then and induced 3 days later after having steroid shots. No complications for neither my son or I. Good luck x   Mary
  •  I had it with 2 of my pregnancies. First time I was diagnosed at 28 weeks. Giving ursofalk tablets & weekly blood tests, weekly checkups & monitoring for baby. Induced 37+5. Only effected pregnancy by making sleep harder & being insanely itchy. Second time I was diagnosed at around 20 weeks. Same deal as last time, induced at 37+2.   Rajahni
  •  I had obstetric cholestasis and was induced at 37+4 weeks. I took the tablets for it but they were rubbish. Ice cold showers was only thing that helped somewhat. Baby was fine when delivered.  Sophia
  •  Yes I have just had my baby 5 days ago and was diagnosed at 35 + 4 with cholestasis. It was a later diagnosis but I was very itchy for about a week and uncomfortable with some of the other symptoms. Put on medication (urso) and vitamin k with monitoring from 36 weeks and scheduled induction at 37 + 2 which ended with an emergency c section due to failure to progress after 3 days. Cannot say it affected pregnancy that much except with worry at the end. I think an earlier diagnosis would have been harder though. Good luck and listen to any recommendations from you medical team.   Lauren

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