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Inducing so FIFO husband can attend birth

Inducing so FIFO husband can attend birthMy husband is FIFO and possibly will not be here for the birth of our second child. My family live abroad and we have very few friends who could help out. What did others do in terms of getting someone to take care of your first child and giving birth alone? Has anyone been induced a week early for example to make sure hubby is there? Any experiences would be helpful.

Get induced early

  • Talk to your midwife as they will possibly do an induction due to your circumstances. I was in the same boat with my first and the midwives were great about it. Emma
  • We had the same concern, I was petrified of my hubby missing the birth of our first so we were induced early. It was supported by my obyn and we were advised that it was quite common. People may not support the option of being induced but this was our choice and if we have a second bub and hubby is still FIFO we would choose to do it again. Good luck. Claire
  • Yes I was induced a week early for the same reason. It meant he could be there, and we could organise a definite babysitter. Hayley
  • Have been induced twice with no c-sec required. Though is very intense and more likely to need assistance with pain. Both times were due to pregnancy problems but we did have plans for a planned induction with #2 as my father was terminally ill and I was desperate for him to meet bubs but sadly he passed too early. Emma
  • I was induced for the same reason (husband working FIFO) and ended up having a c-section so my husband had organized a ‘nanny’ that helped me for a few hours 4 days per week.
    I was induced 2 weeks early and we were lucky that his back to back covered a bit of his shift for him so he was able to be home for 2 weeks.
    I couldn’t drive for 6 weeks so having someone who could drive me around or go get the groceries was fantastic.
    Could you get a family member to stay with your little one while you are in hospital? Cassandra
  • If you are having baby through a private obstetrician- make them aware of the situation, and you should be able to be induced whilst your husband is there. Clare
  • I got induced with my first daughter to make sure that my other half could be home for her birth (he works DIDO). It ended up in a csection which may or may not have happened if we let it happen naturally but to me it was well worth it. Mine was through a private obstetrician and he had no problem with it. Samantha
  • My hubby is a FIFO too. I was induced a week early so he could be here. The doctor said it is normal practice in this circumstance. Becky

Get a babysitter

  • We are getting a babysitter as we have no family here at all (this as the hardest decision as we haven’t had anyone watch our kids since our twins were 8months old and only had family watch them for a few hours at a time about 5 times max) we were very picky on who we chose.
  • Speak to your midwife about options. There are agencies that can arrange baby sitters, phone calls to check on you, doulas. It’s not ideal to induce & more likely to end in csec, but if it’s something you and your midwife are happy with then that’s your choice. Shellley
  • I had friends who lined up a few babysitters on call. So then they rang them to come to look after their other child. Rachael

Doula to support you in the birth

  • Have u thought about a doula? Perhaps u could hire a Bub sitter? Where are u situated? 💕 Briony
  • Look into a doula. Sarah

Student midwife

  • You could have a student midwife, any university that offers a midwifery course will be able to give you more information about it 🙂 They can do everything a doula can plus more because they have medical training and it’s completely free! Monique
  • I have got a student midwife with me just in case this happens to me. You get to know them well as they come along to appointments with you and at least its not all strangers in the room. I actually felt a little uncomfortable having friends or my husbands family with me (all my family is interstate) Susan

Support person

  • My hubby was home but it was touch and go as he is FIFO and I happened to go a week over due. a good friend had my daughter and I had a support person (another close friend) at the ready incase also made my neighbours aware just in case. My daughter ended up spending couple nights at friends place as it was a long ass labour. Beck

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