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Is this Braxton Hicks or real labour

Is this Braxton Hicks or real labourIs this Braxton Hicks or real labour?

  • They have all been very different. Mine were all straight forward, 4 hours, 2 hours and 1 hour for No 3, managed to get to the hospital just in time – glad I live very close. Had braxton hicks with all of mine, but when labour started I found they were much more intense, but everyone is different, which is not much help to you , I have been told that if you ring an ambulance and if you tell them it is your 2 or 3rd pregnancy they come fairly quickly (check with your hospital) least you have some medical help at hand this way – good luck.
  • I never had braxton hicks with my 3rd but did with my second on the night i had him i thought i was just having the Braxton hicks but then felt the need to got to the loo alot so i rang the hospital and said the pains arnt bad so i am staying home for a bit longer then little bit later i needed to push so i got to the hospital just in time lukey was was comming out as i was getting on the bed ..lol… i have 3 boys and all of my births were different
  • When i had my third the midwife said that third babys mess you around a little bit. I went to the hospital at four in the morning as i was having strong contractions ten min. apart only to be told i was 3 cms so i was given a sleeping tablet and panadeine forte. I woke at six thirty with a cracking pain, my waters broke and i needed to push and i had him at seven o’clock!!! Thank god i went to the hospital. I think you just know when its time, i always had quick labours so made a few panic visits to birth and assessment but when i had him i was sure that i was in labour very thankful that my midwife didn’t just send me home. Best of luck.
  • No braxton hicks with my first. Had them for a few weeks with my second. Night before the birth the contractions were every few minutes and I packed my bag, called the hospital and they said because my waters hadn’t broken to stay home as long as comfortable. About 12 hours after they started they slowed and stopped. Then next night started up again and by midnight I couldn’t handle the pain, my waters still didn’t break. I went in and they eventually broke my waters, then things progressed and baby was born at 7am. So keep calling midwives if you are unsure. Can be very hard to tell between braxton hicks and labour. Better to go in than leave it too late.
  • Use your motherly instincts you will know, with my second i had lots of braxton hicks there in a different part of your tummy to the really ones they feel similar but different, go when you are ready everyone kept telling me to go to the hospital but i waited till the time was right I was so worried about being sent home.
  • I too was told that third babies mess you about a bit. And that was certainly true. I was in and out of labour for about three days before contractions stuck around longer than a few hours with my little miss. I had quick labours with my first two (3hrs and 6 and 1/2hrs) so i was very cautious to stay tuned to how i was feeling third time round. I called the hospital lots over those three days rather than go rushing in at the first sign as it was 45 mins away. Don’t be afrais to call them and tell them all that you are experiencing and go in if you feel you need to. Also I too was told if my waters hadn’t broken i could stay home but they didn’t rupture until the very last push! So sometimes that’s not a very good indicator of impending labour!
  • Im a panic merchant so with both mine towards the end i kept panicking i wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time. i ended up having false hospital visits with both. don’t worry how many times u go in, it’s better to be safe than sorry and im sure the staff are used to false labours….a friend of mine was worried about wasting ppl’s time and ended up having bubba on the lounge room floor!….trust me i’d rather make sixteen visits to the hospital to be sent home than have baby AT home….hang in there and good luck

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