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Blocked tubes and IVF

blocked tubes and IVFI have blocked tubes so need IVF to get pregnant. Has anyone been through this? What was your experience? I’m a little scared so need some reassurance.

  • I have one blocked tube but also don’t ovulate regularly. My IVF experience (hunter IVF) was wonderful. The staff and nurses were amazing! I didn’t find the drugs too bad and egg collection was nothing compared to laparoscopy. Had a miscarriage with 1st, unsuccessful frozen transfer then fell after 2nd cycle. Now holding my beautiful 4 1/2 month old daughter and so so thankful for IVF…..it is all worth it in the end  good luck. Erin
  • Get a laproscopy and/or a second opinion to confirm tubes are blocked. We went ahead with ivf due to blocked tubes based on hsg (x-ray) results and advise from specialist. After many failed transfers, change of specialist and miscarriage, I fell pregnant naturally. If you are unsure about anything, ask the dr, & if you’re not satisfied with the anwser, get a second opinion. Sophie
  •  Both my tubes were blocked & we had to do IVF for our first two children. It’s a very daunting prospect, but the staff at the clinics are wonderful,& always did their best to explain everything to us. We were offered counselling as well, initially I didn’t think I needed this, but went anyway…best thing I did! Talk to other people about it, because often it’s not a topic people will bring up,& it’s surprising how many other women have been through this. Good luck, hope it all goes well for you . Please pm me if you like! Kylie
  •  both my tubes were blocked and we went through IVF, I had 3 failed transfers and then fell naturally!! Am now 35wks with 2nd after 5yrs of trying again (including IVF and clomid) but fell naturally again. Not a great time frame for us, but not a horrible experience . Good luck x  Amanda

What is your experience with IVF after blocked tubes?

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