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35+ Mum experiences with IVF

35+ Mum IVFJust wondering if any 35+ mums have experience in timing of IVF for a second child? How many normal cycles did you have before attempting an IVF round?

  • I started getting periods regularly whilst breastfeeding my daughter at 9 months. We waited until she was 20 months before doing ivf again. We conceived my son on the first fresh cycle after a failed frozen embryo transfer. It seemed alot easier for me and I honestly wasn’t expecting it to work so quickly. Best of luck to you. It is a hard road. Narelle
  • I had my first via IVF took 3 cycles, I’m now pregnant with second via IVF and it took 2 embryo transfers once I had a normal cycle Lisa
  • We’ve been trying since our dd was 1 she’s now 3. We are about to have IVF Sandra
  • I did ivf for number 2 when bub was 5 months. Peta
  • I had my daughter via IVF ( the only frozen embryo we had). When she was 10 or so months we went back and did another cycle. I’d probably only had 2 periods before doing so. We froze all viable embryos (4) and then when my daughter was 14 months we did a transfer and were lucky first time round! My son is nearly 6 months old. Rebekah
  • I had my son via IVF he’s now 26 months. when he was 6 months old I was ready to try again, doctor was confident I could fall again, unfortunately still waiting. Im on meds now and hopefully have a transfer in a few weeks. Tanya
  • We did our 1st frozen cycle when my daughter was bout 6months old so i would have only had my regular period for a few months. She was 15months old & 4 frozen cycles later before i finally fell pregnant. Drs said as long as ur cycle is back to normal u r ready to try again Isabel

Did you go through IVF for your second pregnancy’s? Share your experiences below.

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