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Keeping baby awake while breastfeeding

I was after tips on how to keep my baby awake while breastfeeding? She latches for about 5 minutes and then sleeps. Then when I move her she wakes and I have to settle her before we try again.

  • Tickle under the chin or play with feet. Alternatively, I take off clothes and just in nappy as it keeps them awake, midwife in hospital suggested this for initial feed them change nappy, swaddle, feed again and put down. Works most of the time. Jane
  • Try stripping bub off beforehand. Also, tickle bub along the jawline, the palms or the bottom of the feet. Tegan
  • My son did this and it was because he wasnt getting enough milk. So he was sleeping to save energy. Please see a lactation consultant with IBCLC qualifications just to make sure everything is on track and reassure you. You can find IBCLCs in Aus/NZ here http://www.lcanz.org/find-a-consultant.htm Or Internationally on the ILCA website. All the best. Nikki
  • My bub was like this at first. Strip her down to nappy, keep a wet washer handy to pat her face and body, change sides frequently. They eventually grow out of it. Tina
  • i had the exact same issue – i started expressing into bottles and that worked a treat Leanne
  • Cold face washer? Just damp touch her hands or feet… Undress the baby Sigourney
  • This happened for awhile with my son but I can’t remember what age he was! Are you the last person to go to bed? Perhaps it’s because the house is suddenly quiet and dark? Maybe you could try a dim nightlight or some quiet noise playing? I didn’t end up doing anything about it though and he eventually went back to his regular sleeping so I assume it was just a sleep regression. Hope you sort it out soon! Kelsi
  • Try rubbing her cheek down to her chin, or play with her feet a little. Melissa
  • Blow gently in her face, or gently stroke her cheek to ear. That was enough to get my little lady to suck even tho she seemed to be asleep Alle

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