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Keeping the relationship alive

how to keep a relationship aliveWe all know how much time we give to our bundles of joy once they are born but sometimes our relationships can be affected too. We would love to hear both our mum and dads ideas on how to stay connected to one another. How do find other things to talk about, other than bubs? How do you incorporate quality time to your relationship?

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  •  Love love love while I’m at home and I’ve finished my stuff I make him stuff at night I make hubby lunch for work and leave a little note then he calls me at lunch we take Ziggy for walks together.  Tash
  •  Date night at least once a month. Nanny baby sits for the evening and we have dinner, a movie, bowling, play pool etc. Nanny also spends the night so we get a solid night sleep.  Bethany
  •  We Talk about houses we see on the walk about our dreams our future.  Tash
  •  We make sure to use some of her nap time to just hang out, doesnt matter what we do its just good to spend a bit of time paying attention to one another. Also we organise for family to watch her for an hour or two, and go to the movies or out for lunch or dinner. Even when bub is awake, we go for walks together and do the shopping as a family we also send each other little texts and write little notes and we make sure we spoil each other every once in a while with clothes and things like that.  Lizzi
  •  We go out for tea and I make him tea for when he gets home from work. We still go out and do stuff that we use to. The only difference is with a baby. He still has time to himself aswell.  Pepalee
  •  7pm onwards is ‘us time’. No talk of kids, just quality time together.  Mia
  •  Sit out after the kids are asleep and have a few drinks, like we did before kids. And just talk ‘shit’  Jes
  •  Have an early bed time for kids, don’t have house work as a top priority ( it never goes away anyway!) and keep hobbies you had before kids, eat meals together wherever possible.  Nicole
  •  We don’t always get dates nights away from the house, but you can make time at home! Make tea together once kids are in bed.  Simone
  •  We have always made the routine of 7pm bedtime from day one so after 7 is our time. we don’t have the kids in our beds unless sick. we have dinner together after kids go to sleep at table with candle and chat about everything. we don’t get breaks from our kids so we also try do movie nights etc at home. 6 years 2 kids and still very happy.  Nikki
  •  After both kids are settled (2 under 2) we sit and watch movies with snacks and maybe have 1 drink on a Friday or Saturday night? Just go and sit outside and talk and laugh. Keeps us grounded as the household is crazy.  Krystyn
  •  Every night we have couch time. Even if its only half an hour, we will watch a show or surf the net on the ipad together.  Natalie
  •  We have dinner and ‘us’ time after bubs is in bed which is always by 730 at the latest! We also try for a date night, even if just a trip to the movies once every cpl of months. We also use the day time naps as a chance for hanging out together on weekends.  Sierra
  •  Date nights!  Leanne
  •  Between us both being shift workers, often tag teaming days, and having 3 kids 2.5 & under and another on the way, it’s really hard! But we try to take the odd day off together when the kids are in daycare and spend it together.  Jo
  •  Go for breakfast every Saturday morning with bubs while he is asleep we catch up then go for a walk.  Melissa

How do you keep your relationship alive?

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