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Lego themed Australia Day

Lego themed Australia DayLooking for a fun-filled school holiday activity that gets the kids into the Australia Day spirit?

Get started with our Lego themed Australia Day activity.

Set your kids the challenge of making these Australian icons with Lego or Duplo:

  1. Koala
  2. Kangaroo
  3. Vegemite toast
  4. Bushland or family camp ground
  5. Uluru
  6. River, wetland or billabong

We have included some photos to spark your kids’ imaginations if they are feeling a bit stuck for ideas. A special thanks to the Baby Hints and Tips junior support crew (our kids!) that helped put together this activity.

Help us to expand our list of icons to add to our Lego themed Australia Day activity. Please make your suggestions below.

Koala in the backyard


Kangaroo on our lawn


L_vegemite toast

Vegemite toast anyone?


Our favourite campsite

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