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Family movie night snack box

The global Coronavirus pandemic has forced families to stay home in order to stay safe. However, being home with the kids has it’s challenges – dealing with keeping kids busy and keeping boredom at bay being just some.

Aussie mum, Rachel Hallett, has been making movie night on a budget into something magical for her kids. 

Each week she picks a movie for the kids and creates a family movie night snack box that puts cinema snacks to shame! The best part is that she does this all for the price of one large popcorn at your local cinema ($20 max)

Rachel shares her movie snack box on the Mums Who Facebook with other Aussie mums who love and use her creative ideas for their own families.

‘I love seeing her movie night boxes,’ says Veronica L from the group, ‘Particularly now that we’re in isolation, it gives me ideas to make a boring movie with the kids into something a bit more exciting for them.’

Rachel shares her top 5 snack boxes to try:

Monsters Inc Family Movie Night Snack Box:

Consisting of green cordial, M&Ms, coloured popcorn and a Monster slider.

family movie night snack box in covid

Shrek at home:

Consisting of green macaroni and cheese, marshmallows and a colourful gingerbread man.

DIY movie night box in covid19

The LEGO Movie at home with the kids

Consisting of yellow cordial, LEGO shaped chocolate and jelly (made in a mold), and a taco of course

Family movie night snack box - Coronavirus

Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse

Consisting of Spiderman red cordial, a spidey dessert, noodles and Cheezels

Covid19 movie night box

Hotel Transylvania Movie Night

Consisting of some spook-tacular treats – a Dracula donut, mummies (franks wrapped in filo pastry) and of course some Halloween chocolates

Coronavirus family movie night box

What are some things you’ve changed in your daily life due to Coronavirus? Share your experiences below.

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