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Migraines in pregnancy

migraines in pregnancy

Anyone have any suggestions as how to help relieve migraines during pregnancy?

Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.

  • I am suffer of migraines even when I’m not pregnant. I find as others have said a coffee wether it’s a hot one or an ice coffee usually brings it to a minimum. My headaches turn into migraines if I don’t act quickly so as soon as I start feel a slight discomfort from it I take 2 Panadol straight away. Also a cold washer over your forehead & eyes works or standing under a running shower too. Another trick I use it putting a cold washer over the back of my neck and stick my feet into a cold bucket of water. If they keep persisting though I would speak to your GP or to your Dr at your next antenatal appt. Christie
  • I’m a migraine sufferer, even when not pregnant. Learning to stop them early is the key. When I feel even the slightest headache I now have a tin of coke or a cup of coffee and a panadol. Seems to work about 75% of the time. Otherwise, Hydrolyte, panadol and a nice cool dark room and a sleep. Good luck Shirley
  • I used a thing called a Migra Stick which helped with my severe headaches Alex
  • Acupuncture can work really well for migraines Katie
  • Kool n Soothe strips, a dark room & sleep!! it worked for me. Angela
  • My migraines are generally triggered by stress or tightness on shoulders. I take prescription medication (and did during pregnancy) but I try to avoid it if I can. I do warm shower or heat pack on neck/shoulders, Panadol, massage, my tens machine is the best ever for sore spots and to help relieve tension, sleep in a dark room un disturbed If it’s an option at all (not likely with my toddler), migra stick from the chemist (lavender and peppermint oils), lots of water. I generally vomit and then feel a bit better but they often last for 3 days too. Tamara
  • H ave you tried acupuncture? It is amazing for easing/eliminating migraines and headaches and I found it especially good while pregnant. If you can find a GP who does it, the procedure will be covered by Medicare which makes it a cheap option, otherwise private health insurance should cover part of it. Massage also helped me. Also talk to your obgyn – at first I thought I couldn’t take anything stronger than Panadol but my dr gave me a list of stuff that was safe like Panadeine, Panalgesic etc. I was still reluctant to take medication while pregnant but I did give in a couple of times when I was feeling really awful and it was nice to have my ob’s reassurance that it was safe to do so. Linda
  • See your gp, there is prescription medication you can take for the nausea. Also any panadol based painkiller is fine, including panadeine forte. Just stick to the minimum that you can for pain relief. I didn’t want to take any medication when pregnant but realized that taking one or two panadeine was better than not eating for three days due to migraine. Linda
  • Prodeine from the chemist worked for me, it’s paracetamol and codeine. Safe to take, it knocked me out so I could sleep it off. Rose
  • Panadol Osteo is my go to, I don’t drink coffee and coke dosen’t help and I’d prefer not to take Panadene Forte as it knocks me out. You can get it over the counter, it costs a bit extra and is slightly stronger than normal Panadol, but is safe for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Heather
  • I get migraines at the best of times even before I was pregnant. Slowly worked out it was Elevit causing them! To relieve them I would take Panadol and have hydralyte, also have a coffee if I didn’t already have one that day. In bed, dark room and rest. Didn’t fix it 100% of the time but there isn’t much else you can do. I did ask the doctor about panadeine and panadeine forte – safe to take during pregnancy (personal choice with that) if no other remedies work. Leonie
  • Put your feet in hot water and a cold cloth at the back of your neck and lean forwards. Mica

What worked for you for migraines in pregnancy, comment below

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