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Mother’s Day ideas from the heart

Want to spoil Mum, but dread the thought of heading to the shops not knowing what to buy? Baby Hints and Tips can help you out with a thoughtful selection of Mother’s Day ideas. 

Mother’s Day is upon us and with that we’re inundated with marketing messages of ‘spend money to show you care’. In a world of disposable mass production how does one show mum you really care without buying her the latest plasma flat screen TV?

Face it, mum just wants to feel appreciated. She wants to know you love her.

Let’s get back to basics people.

Get snapping

DIY photogift sites such as Snapfish offer a range of options to encapsulate precious memories.  Keyrings, canvas prints and even a mug for mum to drink her morning coffee can all be a great reminder of how much she is loved by the person smiling at her from the image.

If your face is on a mousepad she might even think of you when she is doing online shopping next.  This really could be the gift that keeps on giving.

For the more creative individual, use one of their templates to create an affordable photobook.  From experience, they are pretty easy to create and when filled with pictures of grandkids can double as a ‘brag book’ when she next catches up with her friends.

Taste of appreciation

Jars are all the rage right now so why not fill one with tasty treats.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies?  YUM.  For the ‘active wear’ bearing woman substitute with protein balls.  She will appreciate not having to spend $5 for each ball with her skinny certified organic latte from the local hipster cafe. Plus it reduces the risk of wayward auburn beard hairs.

If you doubt your skills in the kitchen, grab a gourmet packet from the local grocer and pour it in.  There is no crime committed if mum assumes you baked it.  My mum still doesn’t know the perfectly roasted Christmas turkey comes from the skill of the local butcher.  Mum’s the word!

Grow your love

One of my personal favourites is a trip to the local nursery or Bunnings for the gorgeous flowery variety (should it have been given to me, it would be dead within a fortnight).

Geometric pieces for the home are the new ‘must have’ in homewares, following on from the clothing fashion faux par we saw a couple of seasons ago when everyone looked like an optical illusion.  Terrariums are a swanky way to incorporate the geometric style into your home.  Etsy, Koch n Co even K Mart have got in on the gander!

Pop the plant in with some colourful rocks and you will be sporting a very cute living gift that beats a bunch of flowers.

Put it in writing

Bath towels offer a little bit of luxury – who doesn’t love the feeling of soft fresh linen against their nether region after a shower or bath soak.  Alteration shops are located in most shopping centres and the majority offer embroidery services that will be more than happy to stitch in her name.  A simple handtowel emblazoned with ‘Home is Where Mum is’ is sure to be a winner.

What am I getting my Mum you may wonder? Our fur-child is a regular at my folks and like some children of the human variety, I’m lucky to get him back after being babysat.  Mum always worries that she will lose precious poochy, so I am getting a separate name tag that will have ‘Grandparents’ engraved on the back with their contact details for use on these visits.  I’ll also be taking up my own advice with one of the above suggestions … I’d be silly not to, now I’ve shared them with you!

Please share your Mother’s Day ideas below.

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