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Mothers Day for the Single Mum

Single Mother Mothers Day (Custom)How do you celebrate? Does someone help your kids organise a present? How do you make the day special?

  • When I was a single mum.my own mother used to give the kids $2 in a $2 shop and let them buy me.something. I got tiny vases, cups, a gnome amongst other things – they mmeant the world to me Simone
  • I’m going to hang out with my son and so lots of fun stuff (that we NEVER do)… Eat chocolate (for breakfast)… Haha Celeste
  • I usually go to a shop and talk to the assistant that my boys want to but presents and give a limit. Most small businesses are happy to do this and gift wrap while I wait outside. My boys are 6 and 8 and have been doing this for past 3 years. They enjoy shopping for their mum and have good taste! I treasure these as they chose them just for me Melisa
  • My parents take my kids shopping and spend 50 and the my dad cooks us lunch and normally my daughters dad will still get me something small sometimes just flowers Blair
  • My son makes sonething at school as a pressie but my daughter is too young so we make memorable hand and footprints, and we cook bacon and eggs for brekky and we go visit the grandparents Apreinia
  • My mum like most have said take my daughter shopping, last year I wanted a mother and daughter pendant that we could both have half. This year I have no idea now I have a little boy in the mix. Leave it up to Nan to work out Amy
  • My mum helps my 2 buy a small present…and vice versa but not a huge deal for us Hannah
  • Whether I was single or not which I’m not, I’ll most likely be working (it’s our busiest day of the year). Atleast our work gives free strawberry shortcake to mamas that day!! (: Brittany
  • I give my mum money so my son can buy something for me and she takes him to the shops Sharee

Single Mother Mothers Day (Custom)

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