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Centrelink for single parents – your guide to the single parent pension

Do you qualify for the single parent pension? Here is everything you need to know as a single parent. Make sure you’re receiving what you’re entitled to.

Mothers Day for the Single Mum

Q&A How do you celebrate? Does someone help your kids organise a present? How do you make the day special?

Single Mother’s Day

Do single mums of babies and young children miss out on Mother’s Day?

Baby Steps: Super Mum!

You would think that most questions I would receive after my daughter’s dad walked out would be based around: ‘How are you coping?’, ‘How do you feel?’, ‘How can I help make his life miserable for you?’ Yet, remarkably, the question I get from pretty much everyone is: ‘How are you being so nice to him about everything, Louise?’ And my answer to this is; ‘Why not?’…

Baby Steps: A Day to be Christened

“I ended up in Church last Sunday with my baby, Mr X and the girl he left me for; and I was happy about it…”

Baby Steps: Once Upon a Time

Louise’s hopes for a fairy tale were shattered when her husband walked out on her days before she gave birth. In her latest blog, she asks if fairy tale love really does exist and whether she is wrong to feel like something is missing without someone by her side.

Babies First Months: Our Mum shares her story.

“From day one of my pregnancy, I had every Tom, Dick and Harry enthusiastically pouring their heartfelt advice my way. I was told what to eat, what to wear, what to supplement, how my body was going to change, how to feel…what NOT to call my baby: the list was endless…”

Baby Steps: What’s Best for Baby?

Two days before Louise gave birth, her partner walked out on her. Then, facing birth on her own she developed complications. Here she looks back on that experience and explains why it was the best day of her life.

Surviving solo or single parent travel

Surviving solo or single parent travel

Single parent travel with your children presents some additional challenges. The following tips may help you plan a more stress free trip