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Mummy Bullying – A Shameful Mummy Day

When having a baby should is your greatest joy – sharing her with the world should be a happy thing. A poor mum from Perth today received this shameful letter anonymously in the mail.

mummy bullyingWe don’t use the word bullying lightly, but here we can. It’s mean. It’s ugly. It’s bullying. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

From Baby Hints and Tips – stay strong mummy, share those pics of Addy and block those people who can’t be part of your happiness. Every mum deserves to celebrate her journey – nobody can take that away from her.

For those who don’t like seeing something on a friends newsfeed, here are some alternatives to bullying.

1. Unfollow their newsfeed. You are still friends and can still see the comments if you go to their profile, it just won’t be in your newsfeed.

2. Unlike their profile

Remember, you don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives and how resilient they are. Words hurt! So lets look after each other and be supportive of our friends.

Tanya, owner of Baby Hints and Tips commented “We picked up this story because we believe in happiness. Being a mother is hard enough without bullying or cruelty. In our community, this behaviour is not acceptable and we will stand tall against this behaviour”.

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