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Is your Child being Bullied at School?

bullying-in-pre-teensHELP!! My son is in year 6 and is still getting bullied (words and physical) by this boy (it’s been happening for a while now) I’ve approached the school etc. The last time it happened they didn’t inform me and had “mediation” between the boys and a teacher and obviously this did nothing.
My son has come home today saying that this boy has been pushing him etc today!! He didn’t tell anyone because he does not want to have to do “mediation” with him again!! I’m over it! They are off to high school next year (will be going to same high)! My son is very trustworthy, honest boy and he is not violent in any way! This other kids is going to make me absolutely flip out if this keep happening! Any suggestions on how to approach this.

  • Sorry to say, but it’s time to lose your s**t at the school. Tell then if this kid lays another finger on your child you will be going to the police to looking into pressing charges for assault and looking to get a protective order against him. (I believe kids over 12 can be arrested and charged, but the threat shoukd get some asses into action) Enough is enough.   Jill
  • Id teach your kid to stand up for himself. Bullies target easy prey. Send your boy to karate to give him the confidence to fight back, verbally at first…I was bullied as a child and it wasn’t until I smacked the bitch back did it stop.   Phee
  • I think the school should organise a meeting between both sets of parents.   Toni
  • As much as your child doesn’t want mediation , it has to happen. I would be demanding a meeting with the principle, the children and the other kids parents. As this has already happened and no positive result I would demand another meeting with the school based police officer or if they don’t have one, your local police station can send one to the school. The school is obviously not getting through to the child so the police can scare some sense into him …   Lisha
  • Oh yes I also taught my son you get hit, hit back and I will deal with the consequences! Not a good thing but the school left me with no other option I also told the school I had given him permission to hit back if need be!   Penny
  • I’ve had to deal with this as well with kids. Told the school if they didn’t stop it I would approach the police and have the child charged. It stopped immediately with a apology from the child to my child. Harsh but these kids need to learn actions have consequences. I would do it again if need be.   Megan
  • I feel for you and your son. My son was bullied and the school did nothing!! Zero tolerance is a joke in some schools. I got to the point where I told my son to hit back because then the school would have NO choice but to address it. Your son at 6 is too young for that though and those older kids should know better. As others have said take it to the school and if you don’t get any satisfaction then tell them you’re going to have a little chat to the police. After all the instant they lay their hands on your son it is assault! Watch how quickly they sit up and take notice then. Oh I have also moved my son away 260km to start high school without the moronic bullies around him. He’s so much happier but it means my hubby drives back and forth weekly for work. Certainly not something everyone can do though. Good luck Hun.   Karen
  • You need to address this with school and the family. Though the kid.is a bully likely because he is bullied, so beware his parents.   Brooke
  • Have you tried sitting down with his parents and discussing the issue?   Felicity
  • The school obviously aren’t dealing with it at all! I would advise them you will take it into your own hands (they don’t like to hear this) take it further, go to the board of education and talk to the other parents and then Go to the police. Bullying isn’t taken seriously in school as it should be. Also teach your child to defend themselves that way you will have peace of mind if something should still happen! Good luck!   Shay
  • It’s now physical and obviously talking wont help, and if its not dealt with nkw once they get to high school it will only get worse with hormones and peer pressure kicking in. I’d go to the police and give this kid a mighty good scare! At least that’s what I would do! No way anyone puts their hands on my child and gets away with it!   Becka
  • The advice of approaching parents is just silly, don’t do it, that could never end well. Your child needs to speak to his teacher about the problem. If he doesn’t tell the teacher, the teacher won’t know and can’t help him. He needs to also have the confidence to ask the teacher to look for another way to approach it other than mediation if he doesn’t like it. I am a year 6 teacher and it is very frustrating when children go straight to their parents but don’t give teachers a chance to help at the time. I can’t help a problem I don’t know about. If you are not happy with the response of the classroom teacher I would speak to the Principal. Your child also needs to learn some strategies to follow to stand up for himself. Good luck.   Vanessa
  • Had the same to my son and he is gentle soul. He got punched in the head, kicked, thrown against walls and the school did pretty much nothing. Last day of school last year I went into the school and went off, I screamed, yelled and cried and I said if one more kid lays one single finger on my son this year I will be involving the police from now on! Not a peep from the bullies so far this year! Maybe pull that hand. Good luck hun!   Penny
  • Oh I feel for you and your poor son….if it were me, yes, I’d be speaking to the school and definitely speaking to the other parents but I’d ALSO get my child involved in a Form of martial arts…it’s an amazing practice to teach children confidence to be able to look after themselves without adult intervention…verbally first and the confidence to look after themselves if they ever (heaven forbid) find themselves in a fight… I personally train in mauy tai and Chinese boxing and I can tell you as a woman, it’s empowering to know you can look after yourself and it’s fantastic form of exercise!!! Get your kids involved!!   Trudi
  • Ask to speak to the parents of the bullying kids….usually that is where they are learning it from!   Natalie
  • My son was bullied a few years back even to the point that the mother of the other child had words with my son at the bus stop one morning. The school was informed about everything and they did nothing. We were told that the parents were unapproachable so there wasn’t much they could do. My last straw was my son coming home with a cut under his eye from a stick so my husband rang the education board up and funnily enough he was taken off playground play and nothing ever happened to my son again.   Sheena
  • I agree with Brooke Myrtle. There may be other issues going on at home and its the childs way of dealing with it. Dont get me wrong no child or adult deserves to be treated this way at all but we need to remember that they are children and it may be the bullies way of asking for help. The bully can sometimes be a vicitm aswell maybe at home or elsewhere. Speak to the principal. The childs parents may be totally unaware that their child is doing this or may be able to explain his behaviour. The other option is if your arent satisfied with how the school deals with it then take it further. I am sorry your son is going through this but be cautious that there may be a reason why and your son may not be the only one. Good luck. I hope you have a good outcome.   Cheryl
  • Are you in nsw? Schools have a duty of care and this response to not include you is unacceptable. I would be contacting the principal and insisting on a letting and failing any adequate response contacting teachers federation and having action taken. After the bullying incidents on far north coast of nsw it’s taken very seriously so the response atrocious.   Sascha
  • This happened to me personally at school. When it didnt stop after my mum trying to talk to everyone she finally had enough and went back to the principal and said if the school wont stop it she will stop it personally. And funilly enough the school decided it was time to step in. The bullying ceased almost immediately.   Onya
  • Speak to the principal and if you feel they don’t satisfactorily deal with it then contact parents….u also don’t know what’s going on at home for that child. I’m not making excuses for the bully but I was bullied horribly and it turned out later the kids dad had attempted suicide so u just don’t know!   Ingrid
  • Need to address this with principal, and organise a councilling session for your child and try to force the other parents to sit and talk about how serious this. It’s a zero tolerance for bullying in school these days and at NO time should you be made to feel like a nuisance or your child is making something over nothing. If he can come home and tell you about it then it’s obviously something that’s stressing him a great deal. I think name and shame is a good thing in this instance (for the school to take up) as no kids want to be friends with a bully. We know this will never happen because of possible mental distress to the bully, irregardless of how threatened, self conscious, and sad it makes the victim child, and by the time the teachers become aware of it it’s already been going on for at least a week or two, and when they cannot deal with the problem because parents won’t come to the party your child is already psychologically hurt. I feel for you and hope for a happy outcome but I don’t think much is going to be achieved untill you either confront the other parents or threaten to pull kids out and contact education board..( once you threaten to withdraw from school they probably will take more pro-active measures, and hopefully you won’t need to go that far).   Nicole
  • address it with the school again if nothing happens once more then if it’s a public school (maybe even if its private idk becauze ive never dealt with private schools) take it to your states version of department of education and make a complaint and demand answers. my brother was bullied through out primary school and the school did nothing even after he had sand thrown in his eyes leaving scratches on them and once even blamed my brother for him being bullied. He and the bully both went to the same high school but it stopped. i think the bully got a bit of his own medicine.   Kai

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