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Nappy Stain Removal Suggestions

Baby clothes hanging on the clotheslineWhat can i use other than preen to get breastmilk poop out of fabrics, the bright yellow curdled poop?

  • Wash as normal and dry in Sun, no need for extra strong detergents. I use cloth nappies and don’t have issues with poop stains. Sun is a natural anti bacterial and bleach Rebecca
  • Soak in old school lux soap flakes. Guarantee it will work. Nicole
  • I soak mine In vanish for a few hours, rinse and then throw in normal wash. Jessica
  • Sard wonder soap Emma
  • Velvet soap, hand wash the area before washing as normal. Rebecca
  • I use the Sard Wonder Stick for every stain. Seems to work wonders Samantha
  • rinse the clothing straight away and then soak in napisan and hot water. Nicole
  • Biozet liquid and sun. Tianne
  • Sard wonder soap !! Tess
  • I use Earth fabric soaker for my baby things, wonderful stuff. for my partners greasy uniforms however i use the pink napisan stain remover, pricey but by golly it works! The spot stain is the best, mix a paste and apply to the stain then leave overnight. Kiera
  • I soak in Vanish powder. (2 hours for colours, more for whites). Haven’t had a poop stain not come out yet. Kat
  • The sun. It’s the best bleach on Earth. Hang the items out in full sun. Washing/wetting the stains straight away and running an extra rinse cycle helps too. Ashley
  • UV light. I use cloth nappies so I consider myself an expert on poo stain removal now! Haha!! Wash the clothes at 40 degrees on a longish cycle and put them out to dry so the stain is facing up to the sun (eg, draped across a mini clothes line or similar). The poo stain will magically disappear before your eyes. This will work even on overcast days. On an overcast day, it takes about 2 hours, on a sunny day, it’s much quicker. Fifi
  • Sard soap is awesome, also Aldi’s brand of nappy soaker is brilliant works every time Loryn
  • use sard spray then soak in nappisan then wash Jessica
  • I’ve just done this today! Soak it overnight in Napisan (Vanish), then wash normally in machine with some more vanish. That was on pure white jumpsuit and singlet too, came out good as new! Kristy
  • Sunshine. I use cloth nappies and they come out of the wash still stained but if hung on line they are not stained once I take them off. Anna
  • Just pop in the sun it’s Magic and really works. I use cloth nappies so i have really tested the theory! Ange
  • Hang them in the sun Hannah
  • I just use napisan. Works great Penni
  • I did cloth nappies and found ordinary washing liquid or powder and lots of sunlight. I’d put nappy inserts on the line still stained, go back a few hours later and they were as white as the day I bought them. Laura
  • Sunlight soap always works for me works a treat Kimberley
  • Sard wonder soap is amazing, leaves no trace of any stain Splasher
  • I use the homebrand stain remover spray and I haven’t had a problem. Sarah
  • I use Stain Go spray. Its bleach free and safe on colours. For me it gets everything out and has the option of not having to wash. You can get it from Coles Tegan
  • I had lots of poo stains on clothes and I’ve found that putting dishwashing liquid onto the stain and scrubbing it (I use an old toothbrush) gets the stain out instantly. I then just rinse and wash as usual. Charlotte
  • bicarb soda Stephanie
  • Hang in direct sunlight for a day or so. Jacquie
  • Sard wonder stick Kerryn

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