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Natural Cough Fighting Remedies

Natural-Cough-RemediesDoes anyone know any natural tricks or remedies for relieving a cough, specifically a long term cough in a little one?

  • Lots of spices in their food is a great natural way to get coughs moving. Fennel seed & star anise are particularly good. You can even put them in some hot water with some cinnamon and make a ‘tea’ for your LO to drink.   Rebecca
  • Cut an onion in half, cover with sugar and drink the juice. This is what my mum use to do with me.     Jemma
  • There is a brand of natural cough medicine suitable for really really young ones. It’s called ‘Little Coughs’. It has always worked wonders with our son. You can get it from most chemists.     Amelia
  • Vicks vapor rub on the chest and the feet with socks on, the steam from a shower or a vaporiser in the bed room If it’s a post croup cough that can last up to 6 months (my dr told me this after each time all three of my boys have had croup)     Julie
  • Pineapple juice !!!! High in vit c. But more importantly it is a natural anti inflammatory.   Danielle
  • Go to your chemist and ask for little coughs.   Zoe
  • I use essential oils in a diffuser for my kids. In the past 4 months they have been sick once for about 4 days with cough and congestion. All pure and natural. I boost their immune systems through the winter months as lots of viruses can get around.   Lisa
  • Flu are virus nothing with cure them they just reduce the symptoms if the cough is lasting for a period after the cold go see your dr and have their chest checked it might be asthma then you can use medication or maybe see a naturopath.   Jessica
  • This is going to sound gross but its not too bad and it stopped the coughs in my family after weeks of that horrid coughing virus. Slice an onion in 3 or 4 slices horizontally. Pop in a container…in between each layer sprinkle sugar (I used raw sugar).. pop the lid on and wait for an hour…can put in fridge or just leave out and after an hour or so there will be a liquid. Have as much of the liquid as you can or as much as your little one can. It acts as an anti inflammatory and works overnight…well it did for us. An old remedy my day carer told me. You can re-sprinkle the sugar a few times and it keeps making the syrup… good luck!   Sarah
  • We had same issue. We went through all the things in her room together and removed what she thought was ‘scary’. She also wanted the lamp on to fall asleep but now (6months later) I ask her and sometimes she wants it off. Also made sure the cupboard doors were shut. Going to a big bed was my next option but we didn’t need to in the end.   Tamara
  • Invest in a good probiotic also if over 2 start taking Olive Leaf Extract.   Natalie
  • No natural. We went to a chest specialist who re commended using an antihistamine for a couple days skipping a day and a couple more days. We did that for two weeks and it had cleared up whatever allergy it was. Obviously talk to someone about this approach but it worked for our two year old who had an awful cough.   Xanthe
  • A teaspoon of honey.   Dee
  • Doc told us cough medicines don’t really work. We just came from the doctors and she told us there are lots of coughing viruses going arpund.   Kate
  • Brauer cough mix (it’s herbal & amazing!! From chemist) a few drops of eucalyptus on the soles of feet with socks over, baby Vicks on chest, and if a chesty cough vaporiser too! Clears our munchkins up in under a week.   Indigo
  • Use a humidifier.   Katrina
  • You can get homeopathic cough remedies at the chemist. Prospan for kids (over 2 years) I found to be great. I give it only at night to my 3.5 year old and it allows him to get a restful nights sleep without the continual waking from coughing which has helped to get him better quicker.   Kylie
  • Cut an onion up and pop it under their bed.   Jorja
  • Someone I know recommends boiling onion skins. Put the bown bit in water until the water turns brown then put some honey in the water to give it a sweet flavour. I have tried it with my kids.. not sure if it worked or not haha.   Chloe
  • Manueka honey if it’s a throat thing. If it chest related a vaporizer with an inhalant can help.   Michelle
  • My 2 yr old had a cough for over 8 weeks. Only really bothered her at night time or if she was running around, one doctor finally gave her flixotide (an asthma preventer) cleared the cough in 2 days and it hasn’t come back. Doc said she doesn’t have asthma but this preventer helps kick the those stubborn coughs. Hope it clears up soon.   Hayley
  • Honey for throats. Jaime
  • Prospan.   Erin

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