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New Places To Seek Baby Name Inspiration

baby name ideasPut down the baby name book. Kate Patterson has new and innovative suggestions for you to help you name that pending bundle. From traditional to uncommon the places you can find baby names are as vast and surprising as baby names themselves!

Some people have chosen their baby name long before they are pregnant, others are still not sure even once their cherub has arrived. Whatever your baby naming style, consider these fresh sources of baby name inspiration. Before you fill in the birth certificate, check out these unique places to look for baby name inspiration – all need ways to feel sure you have made the right choice!

1. Family first

Even if you don’t want to name your baby after a relative, this is a great way to get the conversation started. Talk to your partner about the names of all your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even crazy neighbours. Discuss which names you like, which you don’t like and most importantly why. This will help you figure out what is important to you both in choosing a name.

2. Movie Credits

Lots of people like to name their child after a favourite character, but the credits can also be a source of inspiration. At the end of the movie, don’t turn the TV off right away. Watch the long list of names rolling by. Who knows what you might find here. Also a good excuse to spend a few more minutes on the couch with your feet up – a blessing for any pregnant woman!

3. Baby Name Game

Yes! There is are apps to help you choose your bub’s future name! You can actually play the Baby Name Game. Designed to assist you choose a name in two fun phases. First, for inspiration play the seeding rounds which includes over 20,000 of the most popular baby names. Then, once your top names list is taking shape, you play the finals. This takes just your top names and lets you hone in on your absolute favourite names. Forget Candy Crush, this might be your new app obsession!

4. Trust your instinct

After 9 months dreaming about your bub, once they arrive go with your gut feeling of the right name. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions. They will grow to love it and see that it suits your gorgeous child.

Happy researching – it’s a truly once in a lifetime decision!

About the Author: Kate Patterson created the Baby Name Game app while she was pregnant with her first baby. After looking at baby name books and websites, she thought there must be a more enjoyable way to find baby name inspiration, so she built the game with her husband. The Baby Name Game is now one of the most popular baby name apps available, having helped thousands of parents choose the perfect name for their baby. You can download the Baby Name Game for your iOS or Android device.

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