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New Years Eve with young kids

NEw Years Eve with young kidsAny ideas for New Years Eve traditions? My LO is 9 months old and am not keen on taking her to fireworks but want to start our own tradition. Anyone else done this? Tips?

Yearly interview

We “interview” our son about his year and write down his answers. We ask questions like favourite toy, favourite food. Might be hard with a little one but you know what they are into at that age. We write it in a book each year and stick in a photo of them. Deirdre

We have a list of questions we ask our kids (repeated every year) and we keep all their answers in a little book for each child. It creates a lovely keepsake. And of an evening we have a quiet BBQ with friends. Rach

Family BBQ

Family bbq at home invite close friends and relatives, and buy a projector to watch the fireworks with 🙂. That’s what I want. Courtney

My daughter is 10months and we are having a BBQ at home so she can still go to bed. A few friends are coming over for dinner. Our council also does a 9 o’clock fireworks too for the kids. Rachael

Spanish Tradition

We have a Spanish one that we do each year. At the stroke of midnight and within the 12 chimes, you need to eat 12 grapes for good luck! Jane

New Years Eve day time adventures

We take our little one (13 mths) to the beach for a swim NYE morning 🙂 A funny little tradition that we did pre bub + have stuck with it & we love it. Rest of the day/night we stick with pretty much normal routine for her, plenty of years ahead for fireworks etc….! We sit quietly on the deck with some bubbles & seafood & reflect – it’s lovely. Andrea

We don’t do anything of a night, we make the day special and go on a family outing.  Night time events just aren’t possible or enjoyable with a baby.  Nicole

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