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Newborn Dies After Family Pet Tries to Bury Him

Warning, distressing content: Newborn Dies After Family Pet Tries to Bury Him.

A one-day-old baby has died after suffering critical injuries in a dog attack in New Zealand last weekend.

The newborn was rushed to Hospital after one of the family’s dogs mauled the infant. The incident happened while the baby’s mother was using the bathroom.

A next door neighbour found the mother crying in the street and rushed to her aid. She commented that the mother was hysterical and asked her to go into the house and get her phone while she cradled the injured, dirty baby.

“All she did was pop to the toilet and it happened just like that,” she said.

“The whole thing is horrible, every time I close my eyes I just see him. He was all dirty.”

“She told me which dog did it – they have two. It was the Rottweiler.”

A cruel twist of fate

In an unexpected twist to the terrible tragedy, the same neighbour had found the dog escaped and wandering in the street the day before and returned it to the family.

“I almost feel guilty for taking him home.” she commented. She said at the time of returning the dog the new mother had proudly shown her the tiny baby – clearly a delighted new parent.

“He obviously meant the world to her,” the neighbour said.

Image: Hamilton Hospital where the baby was taken via Stuff.co.nz

Authorities will investigate

As when any newborn dies the matter has been referred to the coroner and an investigation is underway.

The local council has confirmed that animal control had collected “the dog”. The fate of the animal is to yet be determined.

“Staff collected the dog and it is now secured at the council’s animal control facility,” commented Hamilton City Council animal control manager Susan Stanford.

“Further decisions regarding the animal will be informed by the ongoing police investigation.”

“This is a traumatic time for all involved and our thoughts are with the families and individuals involved.”

This is the second tragic baby related accident in New Zealand recently with a baby’s pram rolling onto the road and being hit by a car in Auckland earlier this month.

For tips on introducing baby to a dog see here. You can also see the RSPC website for more information. 

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