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Introducing dog to baby

Introducing dog to babyDoes anybody have any advice on introducing dog to baby? We have a lovely natured 18month old staffy but he’s still very playful. He’s great with bigger children but I’m apprehensive about introducing him to the baby

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Give dog baby’s blanket before bringing baby home

  • We gave our dog a blanket that our son had lay on in the hospital to get him used to the smell before we brought him home. Then everyday we let him sniff & lick our son. Now they’re best buddies!!! Oh, we have a Hungarian viszla. A very big playful dog & he was only 6mths old when bubs was born so very crazy! Good luck Kelly
  • We did the blanket thing too then put the baby in the cot and let out dog sniff him from the edge. Then we introduced them sitting on the floor and our 1 year old lab x staffy has been amazing, she has calmed down so much since bubs has been around and she is very protective when people come to visit Kym
  • We have 2 very large dogs, hubby bought clothes and wraps that bubs had been wearing home for them to smell whilst I was in hospital. When I got home I have them attention as soon as I got out of the car, then I got bubs out and took him inside sat on the couch and allowed them to sniff him. We made sure not to disrupt their life any more than we needed to and still allowed them to sleep on their beds on the floor of our room. We repeated allowing them to sniff and be around bubs when ever he was awake. One is still a little jumpy around him especially now he is moving but the other adores him, letting him climb all over him and when the dogs had enough he’ll just up and leave. They know their place and we do have gates to keep them out of the room if needed and I just never leave them alone with him. Kate

Let dog sniff at baby when they are in the pram

  • We put our bub in her pram and let our 2 dobermans have a sniff around. They love to lick her feet & bub isnt fazed at all. Lauren
  • We have a french bulldog who is very excitable when I bought bub home he was 18 months, we introduced bub to him and let him sniff and look at her… if he jumped/s up on us while we were holding her we just firmly told him no, and he’s learnt to control himself around her he’s even quite protective and if she cries he makes it his business to check on her too Alexis
  • we have a (very hyped) Great Dane x bull mastiff. Introduced him to our newborn whilst he was in his cot. My partner held the dogs collar as he sniffed and got too excited. (I was anxious and cried as the dog was too happy and I was worried). The dog absolutely loves the baby, runs in and licks him every chance he gets. Megan
  • We have two dogs. My partner bought mine and bubs clothes home from the hospital and let them sniff. Placed them all over the house and in bubs room, his cot, our bed, so they knew where he would be. Then when we came home he lifted each up to the bassinet to meet bub and have a sniff. Then got bub out and sat down to their level and let them sniff. They come in now find where he is have a sniff and a lick, and watch him. Come looking for me if he cries and then sit in his bedroom doorway. Dogs are very intelligent and have the protective instinct. A few days before bub arrived they wouldn’t leave my side. They knew!! Allie
  • I let our two staffys inside while bubs was asleep in her bassinet and let them sniff all of her things around the house, they then had some quite time with us on the lounge until she woke up, hubby sat with the boys while I brought baby out, they sniffed her and licked her little toes and then were happy to chill on the lounge next to us, 3 months later and they all love each other to pieces Alesha
  • Our dog is the same. She’s 2 years old and very playful. I sent one of babies blankets home for her to sniff when I was in the hospital and we started off only letting her in on the lead and just having a small sniff. Our lo is now 5 months and at 4 months I started letting our dog in off of the lead but I don’t let her get too close to bubs and it’s always when bubs is being held, otherwise she’d just be too rough from excitement. I do let her hand a sniff and small lick when being held though. The dog is the first thing our lo cracked up laughing at. So cute. Amanda
  • we brought bubs home and introduced them straight away never pushed him away we have staffy also and if he started to get too excited we just told him gentle and he eased up now he is super protective of our kids bubs more so and they best friends Rebecca
  • with all 3 of my kids I sat down and called the dog over and let him sniff the baby reminded him to be gentle and told him good boy The dog use to sleep in my bed so when I brought the kids over ( it’s my mums dog he sleeps in my bed/with me when I visit lol ) I taught him to sleep at my feet and he wasn’t allowed on the bed next to baby unless i called him up…When my eldest was 3months I started letting him stay on the bed and gradually let him move closer… He use to come running out crying/howling if she moved or made noise and would run back in and out until someone walked in.. He’s a small dog, very playful and loves kids… Will run up to prams and cry if the baby is crying lol Kirraleigh
  • I have a golden retriever who suffers from anxiety and is extremely jumpy around noises she can’t explain, and when I was having my babies we had 2 dogs and the retriever was the alpha. I was nervous about introducing the babies to the dog as I can’t even walk my dog on the lead on a heavily trafficked road as if a bus or motorbike goes past she freaks out and runs. I put bubs in a bassinet and let the dog sniff away, and eventually moved the baby closer to the dog over the next few weeks. I now have 3 kids and I’ve never seen my dog calmer than when my kids are trying to ride her like a horse or yank on her tail. When she’s had enough she just moves away. She even lets my kids walk her! Reward the poochie for calm and good behaviour around the baby. Katherine
  • We have a staffy and when we bought bubs home had a 9 month old border collie pup. Hubby bought home a swaddle that was used to wrap bubs in and when we introduced them to bubs we let them sniff bubs but only when they had calmed down from the excitement of us returning home. I also made a point of spending time with the dogs after a feed without bubs near me so they didn’t feel excluded. Worst thing you can do is shut them out or ignore them as then they will resent the new baby. Eventually the dogs got used to bubs new noises and was fine. I still walked them sometimes with bubs in the pram and others just by myself. Shiz
  • When I was in hospital my husband went home every day with a blanket from the hospital and made the dogs sniff it. When it was time to come home I saw the dogs first (as I hadn’t seen them for 7 days), once the excitement ended we then introduced the bub to the dogs and made them sniff her head and feet. They are both great with her now. Alicia

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