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Close up of a newborn baby sleeping in bedI have been told to follow the routine feed play sleep.. My ds is 5 weeks and many times he will fall asleep whilst feeding. Should I be waking him up to play or do I let him take the lead? Anyone else had this happen and what did you do?

  • at 5 weeks hun, let him take the lead —- as they say, bubbies grow when they sleep, that’s why they need lots of sleep! Vanessa
  • My son used to do the same. I let him sleep & I’d give him some tummy time while changing his nappy (I used to change it before a feed) he is now 12 weeks & I follow feed play sleep as he doesn’t fall asleep while feeding anymore. I’d just let him take the lead I’d say 🙂 Anaiis
  • Breast milk has sleep inducing hormones and the sucking reflex is comforting to babies – why fight mother nature? Let him sleep 🙂 Tara
  • I personally hate that routine, it didn’t work for either of my girls. both my girls would fall asleep after a feed (most of the time during), i wouldn’t try to force something, if he is tired let him sleep, i always found if you wake them when they are tired they get wound up and upset and then don’t sleep as well when you want them to. just feed him when he’s hungry and let him sleep when he’s tired. i’m sure you wouldn’t like to be woken up and made to play if you wanted to sleep or made to eat when you weren’t hungry (not a dig at you just an example). i did try this routine but i always ended up stressed out trying to make my babies do something that they didn’t want to do. just go with the flow and do what works for you, and to be honest if the health nurse told you to do this, just keep them on a need to know info basis, lol. i don’t tell them anything i don’t want them to know. as long as you are feeling ok and bub is settling for you, then you are doing awesome! Misty
  • I’ve never heard that before. When they are that little I’d let them sleep when they r asleep & not wake.. I have 5yr old & 4mth old.. I always let bub sleep when she is & only disturb her if I have to pick up/ drop off 5yr old at school. Kirstin
  • It didn’t work for DS1. He always fell asleep while feeding and I didn’t want to wake him. It did make it harder as he got a little older as he wasn’t used to self settling & putting himself to sleep, but you adjust to it. I say the best routine is the one that fits both you & your baby 🙂 Sharon
  • At torrens house in adelaide they teach feed play sleep. I was there when my girls were 12 weeks. 2 hours up, 2 hours asleep. From the time they wake in the morning till 10pm at night. Its hard work keeping little ones awake for that long but it works one you get that routine established Belinda
  • I would make sure you keep waking him up until he has had a full feed (I usually tried to put my bubs back on a couple of times before I accepted they were done). Then burp, change nappy and if he is still falling asleep put him down, otherwise at that age he might only ‘play’ for 15 minutes or so anyway. The main point is to not let him feed to sleep every feed otherwise it may affect his sleep pattern when he is a little bit older, or lead to more feeds if he isn’t getting enough Sarah
  • Its personal preference i wanted my dd on a certain routine so i followed eat play sleep but others dont and let the baby lead so its whatever u and bub r happy doing 🙂 Nicole
  • The best routine for us was the one my DD naturally fell into. It was frustrating to begin with because we couldn’t plan much as didn’t know what her routine would be day to day, but once she got older she fell into one herself. It changes the older she gets but doesn’t take long to adjust Carly
  • Don’t do that routine, can lead to very upset mums and bubs. I am a huge believer in feeding on demand, feed when baby wants…. Especially when they are so little. Alina
  • Do what ever suits you and your baby. Danielle
  • I never used any routine at all my 7 mth old wakes up at 7am has brekkie plays til 9 has a sleep til 12 has lunch and has a play until around 2:30 and wakęs up at 5 has tea bath play and będą at 7:30. He put him self in that routine which i find good im am able to work around him with my other kids Hailey
  • I used that routine with both my kids, I think it’s just about learning to not rely on boob/milk to settle off to sleep. It didn’t work for my first until he was around 3-4 months old as he would fall asleep feeding and I would let him because he was still fairly young and ‘play’ didn’t mean too much at the time. My second never fell asleep on the boob except first week or so. He would still be wide awake, so he learnt very early and would be put to bed awake. Natalie
  • imo 5 wks is much too esrly to get in a routine, bub will have no idea what you are trying to do or have any concept of what a routine is. Id wait until around 3 months old. Kristy
  • My ds was the same would fall asleep most feeds but as he got older and more alert he stayed awake after feeds for longer and longer..i jus followed his lead and when he was awake (and full and satisfied) and looking ready to connect I wud play w him then until he started showing he was sleepy. Best thing u can do is jus follow bubs lead xxoo Kylie
  • I woke my bub up a few times when he was very young and it resulted in a very upset baby and mummy, the more they sleep in the day the more they sleep at night, I would tickle bubs face to keep him awake enough to have a full feed but then I’d let him sleep as much as he wanted. At that age they only need a little play time, and lots and lots of sleep 🙂 you have plenty of time to start routines later, you’ll wish you had have enjoyed their sleeping when they are older x Elle
  • I’m a big believer in listening to your kids! I do think those routines are a great guide but no single routine is ever going to suit every kid… If your child is happy in their current routine, why change it just because someone who isn’t you and doesn’t know you or your child says so? My kids have all settled into a reasonable routine without my interference, they all sleep quite well and are pretty happy, relaxed kids 🙂 (I have a 21mo and 6mo twins) Jo

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