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No Vaccination No Daycare in NSW

Vaccination rates are dropping and the NSW government have taken strong actions to address the issue. Laws that ban unvaccinated children from daycare have passed in NSW cabinet on Monday night.

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To be exempt parents will need a doctors certificate and exemptions only apply for medical or religious reasons.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Will this policy improve vaccination rates?

** Keep your replies non-judgemental and friendly. Whilst this is a debate we expect everyone to treat each other with respect.**


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  1. AvatarJana says:

    Nothing’s changed with the vaccination legislation, except for the paperwork for daycare centres. MOST took copies of your blue book anyway, now it’s mandatory. If you choose not to vaccinate you get a Doctors certificate, (like that’s hard) and you give that to your daycare instead of your blue book. Vaccinated kids will still be going to school with unvaccinated kids the same as they do now. And you have no idea which ones are, or aren’t vaccinated. So no, there is no reason vaccination rates will change.

  2. AvatarSam says:

    I’m all for vaccinations. I think it’s a great policy. Kids die from people not vaccinating there kids. These kids pass it on or get seriously sick. The prevent so much. I believe it will lower the risk of sickness on preventable disease

  3. AvatarMumma says:

    Just thought I would point out that conscientious objector forms are also allowed. So it’s not just for medical or religious reasons.

    • AvatarBabyHintsandTips says:

      I think it is thought that if the process is a little bit tougher at least some who don’t currently complete their vaccination schedule may now do so. Yes some will still fill in the conscientious objector form but any increase in numbers vaccinated can only be a good thing. Tanya

      • AvatarDarrell Milton says:

        And you would have to say that those who still feel the need to fill out the Conscientious Objectors forms SHOULD be doing other things to bolster their children’s immunities. It is those who don’t vaccinate through negligence or forgetfulness who they are trying to catch with this, and it is those people who would be less likely to be feeding their children nutritious meals and dosing them up on vitamins and supplements.

        I am really sounding like an anti-vaccination supporter here, but that is far from the case.

  4. AvatarAmber says:

    I’m all for the new laws and think that all children should be vaccinated anyway

  5. AvatarKatrina says:

    I agree I think all kids should be vaccinated

  6. AvatarSally says:

    I think it’s great! I have vaccinated my daughter and in childcare she gets sick often enough! I don’t want her being exposed to anything she doesn’t need to be!! Vaccines were created to save lives and the government funds it, why would they do that if it’s bad?! Ppl also need to realise that not vaccinating their children is putting others at risk; newborns and elderly can die from contracting some of these diseases! Whooping cough to a newborn can be lethal!

  7. Avatarkatarina says:

    I think its great and hope it comes to SA. If someone has a child in childcare and an infant too young to be vaccinated, when dropping off their child the infant may catch something from an unvaccinated child at childcare which could be fatal ie whooping cough.

  8. AvatarDebbi says:

    We’ve had this in Queensland for over a decade at least. If you choose not to vaccinate, you simply have to go to your GP and explain to them why you choose that. They will then explain why they recommend you do vaccinate. If you still choose not to, then they will fill in the Conscientious Objector form and send it to Centrelink. From then on, you and your child are exempt from any punitive reprisals for not objecting, including exclusion from childcare and school facilities.

    • AvatarDarrell Milton says:

      We already have that too in New South Wales. What this law is is a greater step than that. My children aren’t vaccinated and both attend daycare/pre-school with the Conscientious Objector forms needing to be filled out.

  9. AvatarLaura says:

    About time! I wish it was like this in W.A. Just because they want to put their own children at risk of getting seriously ill does not give them the right to potentially make other children ill. You can’t put a dog in a kennel with the vaccinations incase they make other dogs sick. Why can humans put kids at risk?

  10. AvatarReneee says:

    I think it’s a good thing! While I am all for a parents right to choose, at the same time I don’t think it fair that the choice NOT to should be forced on others. I was not vaccinated as a child and as such caught EVERYTHING including measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough you name it. I caught most as an older child/teen but even then the damage was significant – I still have a lingering cough from the whooping cough 19 years later. I can’t imagine what these would do to a tiny body too young to be immunized against them, and I certainly don’t want to be responsible for that happening! Both my children are fully immunized albeit warily because yes, the potentials are worrying, but the alternative to me is more so. Also being the child of a parent with polio – I count my blessings I don’t have to fear that life for my kids =)

  11. Avatarjess says:

    I agree all kids should b vaccinated. I’m sure un the past parents had to see a gp and get a letter stating wt theie child was not vaccinated otherwise they would not get child care benefit. the new laws will enable centres to ban unvaccinated children regardless.

  12. AvatarCherrie says:

    I am glad that the law has recognised that there are medical and religious grounds behind parents’ decisions not to vaccinate their children. Where possible, I dont think that children should be penalised and prevented from socialising with other children in these circumstances.

    This need not to socially isolate children has to be weighed against the risk imposed on other children.

    What I appreciate is that there is a large proportion of children who for whatever reason are not vaccinated and the law is aimed at those parents who dont have a medical or religious ground for vaccinating their children and making it mandatory for them to have their child vaccinated.

    I agree that the government stepped in and hope that we see a decrease in the unvaccinated rates.

  13. AvatarBrittany says:

    Best idea. I work in child care and I’ve been vaccinated against rubella but while I was pregnancy I was at risk due to children who weren’t. Its not fair that I had to have time off work because I had to avoid the illness when an unvaccinated child brought it to the centre.

    A dog can’t stay at a kennel unless all vaccinations are up to date so why can a child go to child care. Its not fair to the other children, especially the ones who are too young to get certain vaccinations.