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Pelvic pain in pregnancy

pelvic pain in pregnancyHas anyone experienced pelvic pain in pregnancy and how did you cope with it?

(Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

  • I had pelvic pain from the start it lasted my whole pregnancy it was the absolute worst!!! I wore support belts and recovery shorts and went to physio to learn some exercises to strengthen the area not a lot worked I just had to deal with it – Maria
  • Physio has helped me a lot. The hosp Physio referred me to hydro too which is awesome – Kim
  • Had it with my second, it can be unbearable ! i had moments where i was stuck laying in one positions for hours at a time. struggle walking struggle to even move in bed, sometimes i was fine so i would forget then go to walk off quickly and almost cripple myself, midwife said the pelvic ligament had quite over stretched. hydro or any heated pool helped me get the best relief – Kristen
  • Sat on an exercise ball each day and did hip circles and swung side to side, it was such an amazing relief. Heat packs are awesome too – Wendy
  • Massage and physio appointments – Judy
  • The pain can be horrific. I wore the belt to bed and SRC pants everyday. Physio helped so did the hydrotherapy pool. Mine went after my baby arrived so there’s joy at the end – Sarah
  • Oh lord yes! I’m also 38 weeks with intense pelvis pain. Christmas shopping is hard when you can only get 100m before you need to rest! A few things I’ve been doing… The physio suggested pretending to be a mermaid when getting out of the car/bed, flipping in bed etc. Which is essentially keeping your knees together. Floating in water helps. And Panadol. Good luck! Soon love… Very soon – Sarah
  • Go swimming! In the last 2 months of my pregnancy I couldn’t even walk but I could wall laps at the pool and float for some relief. Couldn’t do much else until I gave birth and am doing hip strengthening exercises at the gym now – Emily
  • I had it for both my pregnancies, as soon as bubs is out the pain went away for me – Rebecca
  • Sounds like SPD – get your doctor to confirm. I have a support belt that helped me greatly. Inbox me if you have SPD and I’ll happily pass it on to you – Sarah
  • I’ve had severe pelvic pain with both my pregnancies. I’m now 34 weeks along with a girl. It started much earlier this time around. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is excruciating to roll over in bed, to get up from sitting on the floor, to walk for long distances, to get in and our of the car, etc. Apparently there is little that can be done to alleviate the pain. I go to the chiropractor weekly and wear a support belt often, but nothing really helps. The good news is, with my first pregnancy, almost as soon as I gave birth, the pain subsided. I’m hoping this is true this time around.  Good luck – Leanndra
  • OMG agony!! I had symphysis pubis pain. Awful. See a Physio about it. You can get something called tubigrip, helps keep the pelvis stable and not as painful – Emma
  • My pelvis is twisted anyway and I regularly see an osteo anyway and by 9 weeks pregnant I was in agony. I strongly recommend seeing an osteo, mine kept me reasonably stable. I also got pregnancy massages in between osteo treatments – Loren
  • I have it all the time though I’ve just been told its ligament pain. I usually have a warm bath to help cope with the pain and put a pillow between my knees while lying down and sleeping – Zara
  • I had an unstable pelvis when i was pregnant and had pain throughout pregnancy. Was referred for physio and also a belt to help support my tummy – Rachael
  • I have symphis pubic disfunction so i have pelvic pain all the time i was told by a physio and my gp to wear pregnancy belts and have a heat pack at the back and an ice pack at the front of my pelvis – Chantelle
  • I discovered the one location I was comfy. Edge of coffee table became my permanent seat. The physio helped me a lot – Adele
  • I had bad pelvic pain too. Try to rest and take some pain killers. Good luck – Karen
  • I used belly support band, chiropractor and pregnancy massage, those helped but was never fully all the time helpful… And my pelvic/hip and that whole area was still sore after she was born too, for about a week, felt better but was still there… Good luck – Jillian
  • Find a good chiropractor – Natasha
  • Go to see a Bio-cranial osteopath and then an APMA Pilates instructor once or twice a week. Don’t go to a clinical Pilates instructor – Prue
  • I saw the physio and used a belt hydrothapy and meds to manage mine – Simone
  • Your ligaments are more stretchy during pregnancy, so pain at your joints can happen. There’s also round ligament pain that occurs as your uterus stretches. I used a heating pad on low or took a warm bath if it was too bad – Sandia
  • Yes pretty bad, Gp pretty much said to deal with it. It’s ligament pain amongst other niggles but could PID – Naomi
  • I had horrible pelvic separation in my second pregnancy, sudden movement would see me frozen in pain, walking upstairs and rolling over in bed was unbearable. The physio told me there wasn’t much I could do except wear a belt to support the area. I went to my chiropractor and she pushed my pubic bone together after each adjustment, I was virtually pain free after each appointment – Allison
  • I had really bad pelvic pain from about 25 weeks. By 35 weeks I could barely walk and rolling over in bed was torture. I used a pelvic support brace which helped slightly but not a heap. I was attached to my heat pack and made sure to keep my legs together whenever I could. Acupuncture was the most helpful thing for me. Good luck – Caroline
  • I had pelvic pain, there isn’t anything u cam really do but rest – Michelle
  • My physio told me to adjust my movements to help. So no sitting with your lrgs crossed, when getting in and out of the car, rather than stepping in like normal, go bottom first, sit down and swing your legs in together, same goes for getting out, swivel your body around, feet out together then stand. She basically said keep your knees together as much as possible, to limit the rotation and movement in your pelvis – Leanna
  • YES!! I’m 37wks tomorrow with #2 and it’s excruciating. Ice packs is how I cope – Alana
  • Do circle movements with your hips in the yoga ball and hot water helps me a lot – Jezabel
  • I had horrific pelvic pain (SPD) from about 20 weeks until about 37 weeks. I just kept going. Don’t know how because it hurt to walk. Rolling over in bed was so painful it woke me up. I rested when I could and did physio exercises. Good luck! It’s horrible pain – Melissa
  • Such terrible pelvic pain. I used to get acute attacks of it and I literally just had to stand on the spot and not move until the pain subsided, if I moved it was excruciating. Really not much you can do apart from going to the physio and getting some exercises to do, or wear a support belt – Louise
  • Buy a belly belt – Alison

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