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Pregnancy in a mum dealing with substance abuse

substance abuseI need some advice, my sister is pregnant with her third baby but I’m struggling to be happy for her, she suffers with eating disorders and substance abuse, she hardly eats while pregnant and ends up so sick all the time and has to be admitted to hospital, she’s been doing this for years now and her other children have suffered terribly because of it, her eldest daughter has practically raised her younger sister and now she’ll have to care for this next one too while my sister continues doing what she’s doing. I feel so angry at her as I feel she has already robbed my niece of her childhood and I feel she is just so selfish for having another baby when she can’t look after the two she already has. I haven’t spoken to her and we’re not close (we haven’t been close since we were teens and she first started starving herself and I think that’s because I was always pushed aside cause she was always so sick), I’m so fed up with my mum talking about her and her pregnancy to me like it’s the best thing on earth when I know she’s not going to look after it and I know my nieces are already suffering, I want to move past my issues but I just don’t know how, I really want to be happy for her but it’s so hard to be supportive when I’m so mad at her.

I’d love to chat to anyone who has been through something similar or would love some advice on how I can overcome these feelings I have towards her, please be nice cause I’m already feeling like a horrible person 🙁

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