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Pregnancy Sciatica

Pregnancy sciatica - sore backI have been diagnosed with pregnancy sciatica. The dr has given me Panadene forte for those really painful days and has also recommended using my heat pack. Is there anything else that other mums do to help relieve the pain?

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  • Go & get some physio from a qualified physio who deals with pregnancy. They will give you stretches that will help also! Good luck Grae
  • A Physio can show you some stretches and do some massage to help. I’ve also found acupuncture very helpful. Kat
  • prenatal pilates! Kate
  • I have that too and the panadene forte just makes me feel off my face lol which doesn’t help when I’m working and have a toddler lol. I use a heat pack and regularly rub ice gel into my hip and leg muscles along with just normal Panadol. Gentle stretching once the pain stops being so intense and sleeping with a body pillow helps a lot too. Danielle
  • I had a similar issue in early pregnancy with twins. Turns out my pelvis was out which was in turn putting pressure on the nerves that run through it. I saw a chiro every couple of weeks and was advised to use ice packs, not heat packs, to reduce any swelling that might be present. Lee
  • I have always had sciatica pain but it was horrendous during pregnancy. Heat bag works really well as does some gentle maneuvering. My obstetrician showed me how to do it, to ease the pressure bubs is putting on the sciatic nerve. Will be hard to describe but here goes: Go on all fours, with your bent knees shoulder width apart. Arch your back up like an angry cat, then drop your belly down and point your toosh up. If you feel ridiculous doing it, you’re doing it right. Try this about 15 times, and do it whenever your pain is worst. The other thing which worked 95% of the time was acupuncture. You lay on your side when belly is big. Was a life saver for me! Good luck! Natalie
  • Swimming, prenatal yoga and I see an osteopath but he specializes in pregnancy treatment. There are plenty of people who can help. I was recommended physio by my dr but I found it slow and expensive. Jane
  • I have just been to the physiotherapist for mine… I will need to go again but physio cream and some stretches he recommended helped me the first time round.. Fingers crossed it will gain this time Amanda
  • Absolutely! Find a good osteopath then find a Pilates instructor qualified with the APMA or APA and attend weekly sessions. You should get a lot of relief from osteo treatment. Doctors are very limited in their knowledge on treating these conditions. Prue
  • I saw a Myotherapist that had experience in treating pregnant women. With 2 treatments my sciatica was gone. It came back again a few weeks later but with an extra treatment went away again. Fiona
  • lean or sit on a golf or tennis ball to push the nerve back in is what l was told. Talia
  • Bowen therapy or physio for stretches & exercises. Erica
  • floating in water was great.. Either in a pool or a bath.. I lived in my bathtub with my 3rd bubs Corina
  • Acupuncture worked for me Cassandra
  • Accupuncture is great relief Michaela
  • I suffer really bad from sciatica.. avoid heat… heat aggravates the nerves and it swells more .use ice packs.. I use to get to the point where I couldn’t move.. until. Was told to use ice instead of heat.. right now have it and I ice it every few hours I’ve had it just overa week this time and so far hasn’t been too bad.. also Google stretches to help sciatia. The more the stretch the nerve the better.. Brodie
  • I had it when my done engaged & happened to be int the middle of a snooping centre…. Went to my OB the next day & got “one of the joys of pregnancy”…. Try kneeling on all fours for an hour to encourage bubs to move a little & take some pressure off… Also invest in seeing a good myotherspist or oesto to massage you to help ears the nerve tension…. Sending big hugs Sherree
  • I had this to the point I couldn’t move, used acupuncture & cut my sugar (natural & artificial) intake massively. Made it bearable Lauren
  • i have that but it hasn’t been diagnosed and some days/nights I can’t move let alone walk I looked on youtube on exercises to help relieve the pain and it is helping as I was going to a chiro with not much relief but stretching is the best thing that has helped me Laura
  • Bowen therapy or acupuncture Stephanie
  • Sit and roll on a tennis ball. Hurts….ALOT! But it does help, and lots of stretching. If you can find an obstetric physio, that person could be your saviour!! Nicole

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