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Preparing Bottles for Formula

How do mums go about preparing bottles for formula? Originally I air dried after sterilising and used boiled bottled water from the fridge (my kettle takes hours to cool down). But recently walked in to the kitchen to find a fly on the bottles and freaked out. Now I’ve been filling all the bottles I need for the next day straight after sterilising and putting in fridge

  • I wash in hot soapy water, sterilise, fill with boiled water and leave them on the bench. I don’t put them in the fridge as I don’t have room. Molly
  • with both my kids I wash bottles then fill with boiled water for whenever I need them Beccie
  • Same as molly. Wash in warm soapy water, sterilized and the filled with boiling water and leave them on a shelf in my kitchen. You definitely don’t need to refridgerate. The water stays sterile for 24 hours. Alecia
  • Wash with warm soapy water rinse and store them empty in fridge. I use dr brown formula pitcher make 24 hours worth of formula with boiling water then put that in the fridge and pour into bottles when I need them and heat in microwave Samantha
  • ive always filled with water straight after sterilizing them but never add formula until just before you are giving bottle to bubs Alison
  • I only washed my sons bottles in hot soapy water and air dried. I never sterilised his bottles, hospital said no need to do it when in our own home environment and we have safe drinking water Nic
  • I soak and wash, sterilise and add cooled boiled water to bottles straight away and leave at room temperature on bench(all made up ready for the day) Nyssa
  • bit different here. Washed got soapy water, rinse, electric steriliser, popped onto a clean tea towel to get most drips off, then assemble and put on bench. When ready to prepare I boiled kettle but earlier in the day I would fill a plastic jug with boiled water, so filled with jug water then mixed boiled into it to make it the right temp. Sarah
  • I wash up the bottles then put them into a 4litre container with sterilising tablets. always refill the kettle and boil it straight after its empty from refilling bottles so I have water for next time Daisy
  • I sterilized until 12 months and would keep the bottles in the sterilizer until I needed it initially & then kept bottles on the bench with cooled water inside. Would always keep a bottle in the fridge too of water Tyron
  • Wash bottles well using a bottle brush, sterilise and after sterilisation store bottles in fridge. Jennifer
  • Midwives and doctors alike tell mums hot soapy water and air drying is completely sufficient for cleaning your bottles. Don’t over do it. You’re wasting your time getting carried away with sterilisers. Get yourself a good bottle airer and relax. Hayley
  • I soak, wash, rinse, sterilise, fill with boiled water and store in the fridge. (I put formual in the bottle when required) this is how the Midwife advised how to do it) Fiona
  • Wash in hot soapy water, rinse hot water, leave to air dry then fill with water from the kettle (I boil the kettle while I’m doing the washing) then fill all and leave on kitchen bench until needed. Clare
  • After washing and sterilising, I make up the next days bottles with formula, ready to just heat up and give to bubba. So much easier to just warm them in the microwave. Bottle ready in 40 odd seconds! And no worries about them being contaminated, they are ready made and sealed in the fridge. Linda
  • I rinse bottles with cold water, then wash in warm soapy water then sterilise, air dry lightly covering with a tea towel (so no flies can find their way to them) once dried out I put the bottles together and store away in the corner of kitchen bench. When making up a bottle, I add room temp boiled water to 150ml and top up with just boiled water to 180ml, my 3 month old likes her bottles lukewarm. I never use the microwave as I was told not to either. I do however have the avent bottle warmer but find myself using the kettle more, only cos I got used to it. Karen

Do you prepare your bottles differently? share below.

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