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{RECIPE} Pumpkin Chocolate Egg Free Dairy Free Cake

Egg Free Dariy Free Cake - This is a lovely fluffy cake, and would be great at parties when you have kids with intolerances or allergies.


This chocolate egg free dairy free cake by Marianne from Kids, Recipes and Organised Chaos and is great for kids with allergies! It would make a perfect birthday egg free dairy free cake if you have children with allergies attending.

Marianne says “I came up with this recipe because I love pumpkin, but sadly, in my house, I am the only one, so I always have extra pumpkin that needs using up. My kids really loved this cake, and I was happy to be giving them a treat that had veggies in it!”



Hi, I’m Marianne from Kids, Recipes and Organised Chaos. I’m a mother to 4 children, I run a small baking business, specializing in allergy friendly foods part time. Most weeks I have a school lunch post where I give ideas for school (or pre-school) lunchboxes. Head over and say hi if you are in the neighbourhood. To see all of Marianne’s recipes, click here.

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