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{RECIPE} Edible Fruit Bowl

by Honey, You Baked!

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fruit bowlsIt’s always good to serve fruit at a party, but how about displaying it in a fun way for something a little bit different. I’ve made fruit ‘cakes’ before with thick layers of melons as a base, but this is a quicker alternative, using cookie cutters to create interesting shapes.

You’ll need:

  • Half rock melon
  • Half honeydew melon
  • Half watermelon
  • Fresh raspberries or other fruit and berries of your choice.

The How To:

  1. Cut a thick slice off your entire rockmelon so that you have an oval (or round) section. Cut around the seeds and remove to make a hole in the middle. Carefully and neatly cut the rind off the melon. Place on a platter.
  2. Do the same with the same with your honeydew and stack on top of your rock melon (or vice versa if your honeydew is larger).
  3. Make as many layers as you want, making sure there is still room in the centre to place some fruit (like a fruit bowl!)
  4. Cut some slices from all your remaining melons and using a melon baller or small cookie cutter, cut shapes from the melons.
  5. Place in the centre of your fruit ‘bowl’.
  6. Decorate with fruit shapes.
  7. Yummy served on its own, or grab a chocolate dipping sauce (you can normally find some in the fruit section at the supermarket) and have some toothpicks handy so your guests can pick and dip.

Honey, You Baked! is Danni & Mel, two friends and mummies who used to work, cook and play together in Sydney. Now Mel has moved home to Tasmania and the girls spend time blogging about Baking, Making, Books, Babies and just about everything else in between! Drop them a line on facebook or twitter, they would love to hear from you!

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