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Businesswoman with back pain.Hello! I’m returning to work part time tomorrow and my baby is 6 months old. I’m really struggling with this, and would love some tips on how you physically dealt with it (bottles, dinner, housework etc) and mentally lol, I feel so so sad but we just can’t afford for me to be a stay at home mum. I know that day care will be good for him to socialise etc, it’s just hard any advice?

  •  I went back to work full time when my ds was 6 months. I have found cooking a big batch of food on the weekend and freezing it ensures healthy home cooked dinner for my son each night. Also, preparing everything for his following day the night before helps. I must admit I have very long days are rarely get to bed before midnight, but we do what we have to do as mammas! I would prefer to be part time, but my husband is a full time student, studying a double degree and can only work part time. Some days I wonder how I can keep going and then others I feel like a superwoman. Good luck to you!  Kylie
  •  Keep your chin up Hun. It’s the world we live in… When you were young maybe your grandparents didn’t work and could help out, or the man of the house earned enough to support mum bring at home… It’s all changed so much, most parents both have to work to survive. My DD was 9 weeks when I returned to work and it was hard! I took comfort in the fact that I was able to provide anything for my DD that was needed because of the little extra income. If possible, become friendly with the carers in your son’s room, I found that helped. I now have an 8 yr old, a 20 month old and am 28 weeks pregnant with our son, plus work 3 days a week and my hubby is FIFO! I find being organised helps. Make extra food on the weekends and freeze what you can. E.g. Make extra spag sauce and freeze it do when you get home from work you just have to cook some pasta and heat the sauce…. I now find work is a nice break from being “mum” all the time and quite enjoy it. Good luck!  Olivia
  •  I started back a month ago and my daughter was 6mth. I was lucky my husband had her the first three days. The first day dropping her at care was really hard. I was lucky and got a photo during the day. The next day was much easier. Once I was at work I was too busy to think about her much and it was pick up time before I knew it. The biggest thing is being super prepared the night before. Bags packed, bottles ready, your lunch made. Also help from your partner in the evening. I am lucky to be only working part time so they are days to get housework done. The smile from your little bub when you pick them up is amazing. Happy for you to inbox if I can be of anymore help. Good luck.  Cara
  •  I returned to work last week leaving my 6 mo boy at daycare. I was so upset when I handed him over that I sat in my car and cried. I was lucky enough to be able to go back during the day and see how he was going. His first day was rough. He looked at me like I was a traitor when I went to pick him up but on his second and third days he was keen to go. When I picked him up I was greeted by huge smiles and laughter, it was like oh mummy your back! I dread work this week but I know that a little distance helps me too.  Renee
  •  I returned to work when bub was 4 months old only doing 15 hrs a week over 3 days I found my first wk back the hardest cause I missed him n couldn’t concentrate on work but all my regulars kept asking about him n small talk n it just made it go quicker:) you need to remember that there’s no other solution and that when u see them after a day’s work u get so excited!! I cried on my first drive home work 🙂  Jess
  •  I just returned to work 3 weeks ago if there is any advice I can offer is its ok to cry! Don’t feel like you have to keep yourself together because that’s what everyone expects! My son was very quiet and in the 3 weeks his been at daycare his blossomed soooo much it’s incredible! No words can make you feel better but just keep busy and time will fly and the next minute you’ll be there picking up your baby!  Nic
  •  I’ve just gone back too, 3rd day tomorrow. I’ve packed his bag & my lunch & my work clothes are ready so tomorrow I just feed him a bottle & change him. Then I’ll get ready. I bought a timer for the power point today so I can set the slow cooker to start while I’m at work & sticking to quick & easy dinners like tacos, one pot meals etc. Routine at night is feed him dinner when we get home, Dad gets home & baths him while I cook tea, play time while we eat, bottle before bed then we clean up and relax before bed ourselves. Emotionally I struggle but I just keep telling myself that he has so many opportunities at daycare that he doesn’t get at home. Good luck!  Taniele
  •  I returned to work 3 months ago when my ds was 7 months. It was the same reason for us as well so I can sympathise with you. I’ve actually found the transition ok. I thought it’d be worse. I think the fact that my son seems to love childcare helps me a lot. It can get busy some nights but only if my son is teething or I’ve had a particularly tiring day. As for housework- I try to get little jobs done during the week. My husband and I tag team housework with bathing/ feeding our son at night. But we’re human and some nights it just doesn’t happen so it gets done on the weekend. Otherwise we’re pretty much in a routine which we stick to as much as possible and I remind myself why I’m back at work- to provide my son with the kind of future he deserves all the best with going back to work.  Erin
  •  routine, prepare as much as possible like food, bottles, bag for daycare the night before, break housework into small jobs and meal plan and batch cook dinner. It gets easier as you get used to the change in routine.  Laura
  •  I have returned 3days a week and emotionally I found hard, I just make sure bubs is my focus once home and once in bed get everything done, also remember u can call the centre whenever u want as often as u want to chat to the caregivers and if they have a prob with that then it isn’t the centre u want or need, good luck.  Kelly
  •  Don’t stress too much. I found having a list to follow every morning helped in the beginning. There’s so much to remember for your bubs back pack and getting yourself ready to. I bawled the first couple of times then talked myself into relaxing because I knew it would be great for them to interact with other bubs their age.  I also found that asking LOADS of questions to the carers helped as well.  Merima
  •  Do as much the night before as possible- bags packed, lunches made, dinner prep done. Housework done on the weekend- a good hour or so and it’s done. I do a quick 10min tidy each night and it really helps keep on top of it. It’s hard but after the 1st week u will be a champ at it!  Kate
  •  I did the same, this is our routine, up at 6, bubs solids then playtime on floor while I get dressed etc, bottle & then I wear him in the carrier for 1/2 an hour until 7am and during this time I get everything ready for night time, pjs nappy bath wash towel etc everything out plus meat out of freezer for dinner, leave at 7 at cc at 7.40 and then 10mins there before arriving at work at 8am. Finish at 4pm home at 5pm (ds sleeps on the way him in the car) cuddles and quiet play for half an hour, solids, bath, massage, bottle, book and in bed by 7pm at the latest. Hubby either does bedtime routine or dinner so dinner is usually around 7/7.30pm. For me the 1st day was hardest and I left really early to give myself lots of time so I wasn’t hurried, I dropped ds off early then drove almost to work and stopped and cried for a while then went to work. I also visited ds at Childcare on my lunch break for the 1st week, after that I got used to it and it gets easier every day. I also spend about ten mins before going home just cuddling him each day & lots of cuddles, kisses and songs each day to make up for the time I missed! Hope this helps, also if you have a good cc it will make it so much easier for you both to transition xx  Ellen
  •  I had a photo on my phone of Bub on her way to the first day of daycare the week before (biggest smile ever!); I have a pin/brooch that my Mum got me that I keep on my pencil case and a necklace with her initial on it which I find myself holding at times. For me working means I appreciate the time together better, she gets to do & learn things that would never occur to me (who thinks to heat one colour paint and chill the other???). It will be difficult at times but try to remember that you are going out to help the family.  In relation to housework etc – that depends on u – we do washing in bulk on the weekend, dishes during the week & try to know what’s for dinner a couple of days ahead so that is sorted.
  • Good luck.  Sarah
  •  It’s hard! My partner and I both work full time hours and have since my DD was 4 months she is now 15 months. You need to be really organised. Get as much help from your hubby as you can- you need to be a team and work together. Organise day care the night before so in the mornings it’s not as stressful. Cook in bulk- if I cook spag bowl I make enough for 2 nights etc… Sometimes it’s ok to have baked beans on toast for tea.  Jamie
  •  My daughter was about the same age when she started daycare – first few weeks I spent half an hour a day before and after daycare with her playing at my feet. Now at 14 months I can set her down say “go play little one” and off she goes and has a lovely time. With preparation – make her lunch the night before (except for things that don’t last…) Take a tin of formula to daycare; put her name all over it. If you take containers, permanent marker is your friend! And bottles too and any clothes with tags you can write initials on. You will find this a lot harder than bub – be a strong mumma!! End of the day – you have to do what you have to get ahead never feel guilty about that!!  Heather
  •  I went back to work when my de was 4 months. The best advice I can give is that kids pick up on your feelings so if you hate it, so will they. If you are positive and treat it like a happy experience, that will go a long way to making it just that. Routines and juggling home happen but attitude is so important right from the start. Good luck!  Aleisha
  •  All I can say is it does get easier… The first week might be hard but once you get used to it you will be fine. You will find a routine and you will find you get more done because there isn’t time to think ‘oh I’ll do it later’… Good luck x  Chloe
  •  It gives you freedom, adult time and you appreciate your child more! They love interacting with other kids; you can have more quality time together on weekends and trust me there is always time to do dinner and housework once you establish a routine. Plus the added bonus of not having financial stress.  Hayley
  •  I returned to work five weeks ago and my bub is 6 months old too. The first few weeks were hard and I was very fragile but then it got easier and my little girl enjoys it now good luck.  Naomi


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