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Dettol Cleaning Products – Review


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Review by Sarah

I’m lazy. And I hate housework. It’s really not a good combination and I live precariously between the world of do-the-bare-minimum and look-like-you-know-how-to-use-a-broom, especially when I actually LIKE having a clean house (if I only I didn’t have to do any of it). It’s already two weeks past Christmas and I’m still struggling to get the house into some kind of order (do kids ever stop?!)

Due to my laziness very busy mummy schedule, I’m always keen to find new products that make cleaning faster and easier (I’m still waiting to find a magic cleaning wand). So I was very interested to see how Dettol’s  Floor Cleaning System and Power & Pure range fared with the mess left by my three littlies (and me *ahem*).

Today I decided to tackle problem areas in the kitchen and my bedroom.

Problem Area 1: The Breakfast Bench

One of my daily frustrations is dealing with the collateral damage from my sons’ breakfast. I swear, if they ever run out of cement, weet-bix would be a good alternative. I never seem to get to the breakfast bench with a wet cloth fast enough and end up with dried gobs of weet-bix everywhere. Often I have to grab the scourer to get it all off.

WHAT I USED: I sprayed the bench with the Dettol Power and Pure Multi Purpose Spray and left for at least five minutes before wiping it.

THE VERDICT: Not too bad. I did have to scrub a little bit, but nowhere near as much as normal.

Problem Area 2: Grease in the kitchen

I don’t about you, but I find grease and grime accumulates in my kitchen over time (underside of my hanging cupboards, on my stereo, on the cupboard doors). I try to spring clean it, but I find soapy water tends to just push the grease around and I hate using Ajax because it is toxic, so I tend to put it off and put it off until it is really bad. Yuck.

WHAT I USED: a Dettol Power and Pure Multi Purpose Kitchen Wipe

THE VERDICT: Oh my goodness, this wipe was fantastic! It removed the grease with a couple of easy wipes, with no residue left at all! I actually called my husband in to have a look at the underside of my cupboard (so daggy, I know). I tried it on the rangehood, a cupboard door and the bench overhang. It tackled them all. For 15 minutes I actually enjoyed cleaning. This. Product. Rocks!

Problem Area 3: My bedroom floor

The other day I decided to move my bedroom furniture around, and when I saw the floorboards under my bed I nearly cried. There was so much dust – it was so gross! I’m determined to be better at cleaning under my ensemble.

WHAT I USED: the Dettol Floor Cleaning System with an Anti-Bacterial Floor Wipe

THE VERDICT: The wipes picked up a lot of the loose duct, but they weren’t able to move the stubborn dust underneath and I had to break out the steam mop to remove it completely :(. However, the cleaning head fit under the bed really easily, and swivelled fluidly making it easy to use. As long as I remember to use it at least once a week it will stop my bedroom floors from ever getting like that again, so that’s a win for me!

Problem Area 4: The tiles under the breakfast bench

I kinda felt bad that the Cleaning System hadn’t worked all that well in my bedroom, so I decided to give it a go on the weet-bix that drops to the floor during breakfast.

WHAT I USED: the Dettol Floor Cleaning System with an Anti-Bacterial Floor Wipe

THE VERDICT: Pretty good, especially since weet-bix is more stubborn than a two year old. It managed to lift most of the weet-bix. Much better than the scrubbing I normally have to do, even with the steam mop! One thing I think it would be fabulous for is cleaning up after toilet training spills, which we are having quite a few of at the moment. No need to fill the mop bucket or deal with slippery floors from spray disinfectant – just whip out a floor wipe (with or without the cleaning head) and wipe the mess away!

Tomorrow I’m going to tackle my shower tiles (eek!), and let you know about a fabulous giveaway 🙂

Do you enjoy cleaning? How do you motivate yourself to get it done if you hate it like me?

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