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Mama knows best: pregnancy tights, recovery shorts & feeding crops

When you’ve just grown and birthed a whole tiny human being (go you!) you need a few important people in your corner.

The list? An experienced mummy friend who gives good advice. A trusted family GP. And the mate who’ll arrive with sushi and soft cheese. But hang on – there’s one more important member of your new found crew – Mama. And if you haven’t heard of her yet you better read on. She’s the support and comfort you need when you’re preggie or just had a baby!

Meet Mama by Active Truth

Mama is your new bestie and she’s got three #musthave products that every mum to be needs. They’re specially designed to be comfortable and supportive for your pre and postpartum body. And with an emphasis on style and quality they’re a purchase you’ll seek out every single day.

You can view the whole Mama range on the Active Truth website but we’ve done the work so you can do the #addtocart with these three faves.

Mama Pregnancy Tights

Active Truth Mama Pregnancy Tights The Mama Tights are specifically designed for your changing body. From when you’re just showing until long after you’ve had bubs they offer the core support your body needs. Their signature high waist band provides bump support and alleviates pressure on your back, hips and pelvis alleviating aches and pains. (You’re welcome!)

8 way stretch construction grows with your body and moves like a second skin for ultimate comfort. We love that they’re 100% opaque in coverage* so you can feel as confident as you are comfortable all day long.

Recommended by health professionals and voted #1 Pregnancy Compression Tight by Body + Soul, your new wardrobe staple comes in a variety of colours and lengths perfect for genuine active wear to relaxed #mummachic all week (and weekend) long.

Of course, not just for pregnancy Mama tights are highly recommended as a transition piece for postpartum including caesarean births making them #mustpack for your hospital bag. We plan a baby’s going home outfit, why not plan a mummy one? And trust us, this is them!

Mama Feeding Crop

Active Truth Mama Feeding Crop 3 The quest for the perfect pregnancy bra might have previously seemed impossible but the Mama Feeding Crop is here to mix up everything you know about boobs and babies.

Pre-birth this go to maternity-must-have expands with your breasts, boasts moisture wicking performance fabric and delivers all the support you need to feel both comfortable and confident.

Once bub comes the Mama Feeding Crop is designed for breastfeeding ease with an innovative magnetic clasp design to make feeding simple.

Don’t just take our word for it, the Mama Feeding Crop has been voted #1 Best Nursing Sports Bra in the 2020 SELF Fitness Awards confirming it’s all that and more when it comes to boob-based perfection.

There’s plenty of changes in your body and challenges as a new mum, worrying about a comfy, practical and supportive bra need not be one of them. Whether you just want to feel in control while you’re learning to feed in public or if you’re ready to pull on your sneakers and start running again this is your new breast friend. (Get it?)

Postnatal Recovery Tights

Active Truth Postnatal Recovery Tights Did you know compression garments are now recommended for all women following childbirth? They’re definitely not a fad but a proven way of increasing circulation to aid healing, reduce swelling and lessen aches and pains. Sign me UP!

The team at Active Truth know just what an important part of your post birth health compression garments can be and they’ve designed postnatal recovery tights which tick all the boxes. With targeted compression they’re suitable for natural and caesarean births as well as general post-surgical compression support.

Active Truth’s postnatal recovery tights were designed in consultation with an expert women’s health physiotherapist to target specific postpartum issues including instability of the hips and pelvis post-birth, lower back pain, abdominal muscle separation (DRAM) or weakness, as well as pelvic floor issues.

While old school medical garments are torturous to wear and look like something your nanna sported in 1945, Active Truth’s      Postnatal Recovery tights are flexible to move, soft to touch and won’t irritate stitches or scars. Designed with a sporty modern look the extra-high waistband also provides tummy coverage while you’re establishing breastfeeding and keeps you feeling firm and flat while your body recovers.

After you’ve worn your Active Truth just once you’ll be reaching for them every day. For now, pack them in your hospital bag and know you’ve already taken the first step in your post pregnancy health. Look at you go – you’ve got this mummy thing #nailed.

There’s even more to love

The team behind Mama, Active Truth, are a brand that want to make the lives of women better –  and that’s why we’re delighted to partner with them. Every day they celebrate women regardless of size, shape or stage of life by offering activewear across an inclusive size range.

Their maternity and postnatal range offers activewear from XS to 3XL (6-26) meaning its real products for real women – of all sizes! Every size in every one of Mama’s products has also been tried, tested and tailored on real bodies meaning all their pieces are literally tailor made for you.

Click on over for the best in pregnancy tights, recovery shorts & feeding crop

If you’re expecting (congratulations!) it’s time to click on over to Active Truth and choose our three most recommended garments for your pregnancy and birth journey.

Being a mum is amazing – but it’s always nice to have a little extra support in your corner. After all, Mama knows best.

Sponsored by Active Truth

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