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Reading girlCan anyone suggest any baby books to read for teaching self-settling, routines etc. that is aimed from Birth (but not Tizzie Hall)? I want to take a gentle approach. I also have a 2.5 year old so anything that will assist with routines for both would be an added bonus.

  • Babybliss by Jo Ryan. She’s Australian, very gentle and has a great website. Robyn
  • I’ve just bought a copy of “sleep right, sleep tight”, haven’t received it yet so no experience, but have heard good things and is meant to be a gentle approach Fiona
  • Tizzy hall has some awesome tips & truths about sleep cycles etc. you can just take what u want & add your own loving approach. I would never wake my baby like the book recommends. But I loosely follow the routine guidelines it defiantly helps me. Especially when your baby changes routine I can check the book & see whats recommended for this age. Awake for 2 hrs after nap then down… Always works perfect. Baby never overtired or not tired enough… I would have very grumpy babies if I didn’t let them cry/learn how to change from lite sleep into the deep sleep. And I would have been one exhausted mum. I cuddled my lasted baby till she was about 8weeks but now she self settles as the rocking was taking longer & she would wake when I put her down & then didn’t know how to self settle I felt so sad for her cause she wasn’t getting a good sleep Skye
  • Pinky McKay I mean – check out her website and books she has lovely gentle methods to try Daile
  • Pinky McKay.. Sleeping like a Baby Kerryn
  • The happiest baby is a great one – I used the cd which played womb songs and was so great but I paired it with tizzie so I didn’t have to do the self settle. Worked a treat try reading tizzie and following the times etc as her routines are wonderful as I too had a toddler and a newborn and they both go to bed at the same time and one of my baby’s sleep matches my toddlers so it worked perfect. Danielle
  • I found tizzy hall very useful but i only loosely followed her routines which worked better for us. I also read “on becoming babywise” by Gary Ezzo which was very helpful. Kate
  • Look up the Possums Sleep Program. Not a behavioural intervention (aka cues, CIO etc) and research based. Karina
  • Baby Love Rechelle
  • The no cry sleep solution is good. Lots of ideas to choose from and make a plan with what ideas you like & can manage. Lucy
  • Elizabeth pantley no cry sleep solution or pinky mckay sleeping like a baby Kristy
  • try the ‘ safe sleep space’ recommended to me by tweddle. It’s good Sally
  • Try Babybliss by Jo Ryan. I found it much gentler. Jenna
  • your sleepless baby by Rowena Bennett. Couldn’t recommend it any higher. It has a. Aristo of methods ranging from very soft to cry it out. Carmel

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