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Settling Issues with Twins

Just want to know how long you let your newborns cry for? It seem whenever I go to lay them down they cry! They want to suck but continue to drop the dummy and cry more so I’m going to try self settling. Hubby thinks it will be worth it in the long run but I feel stressed at the slightest bit of crying even though the twins usually settle within 10 mins. I’ve tried the 5 s method etc. I’m afraid I’m not going to cope once hubby goes back to work as I also have a busy two year old.
Is it normal for babies to cry like this because I always feel only mine are so unsettled and never happy unless they are sleeping or feeding.

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  1. AvatarDebbie says:

    We didn’t let our twins cry, but I didn’t have a toddler to care for as well. We bought them home from hospital when they were 3 weeks old, which was half a week off full term. I managed them at home with my mum’s support for a few days, then I had them on my own during the day. You soon find ways to sooth two at the same time. I used to push one in a pram while I held and rocked her sister, or put one in a baby swing to rock while I fed the other. I also had small twins so I could hold them both at the same time, but I found it difficult to put them down when they’re asleep. Your best friends will be a pram, baby swing and baby sling to wear one. My smaller twin cried a lot – ended up that she wasn’t feeding well and was always hungry. It does seem like constant crying when there’s two crying, but hang in there mummy – it will get easier.