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Show stopping just born photography by Shannon Jensen

We love birth and just born photography here at Baby Hints & Tips. It just makes you feel a certain way. Tingles. Goose bumps. You marvel in awe at the woman who just ‘did this’, you re-connect with the feelings of your own births and you see those wrinkly, delicious newborns and realise what a miracle birth is all over again.

Today we have blow-your-mind fabulous imagery to share with you from Shannon Jensen Photography. Get ready for all the feelings….

You can see more amazing pictures by Shannon Jensen here.

just born photography Birth (6 of 1) Birth (7 of 1) Birth-8 Birth-9 Birth-10 Birth (1 of 1) Birth (3 of 1) Birth (4 of 1)

Getting ready for the birth of your baby? We have lots of tips on labour and birth plus lots of tips for new parents. Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful bundles of joy!!

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