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Sleep In Pregnancy Second Trimester

Radiant pregnant woman sleeping in her bedI’m 30 weeks pregnant and struggling to sleep. Would love to hear from other parents of what worked for them.

  • I did pre natal yoga it helped with stretching and relaxing and I learnt a lot of poses that helped, also when I was up at 2,3,4 am used to have hot baths relaxed all muscles and I was able to slip back into bed and get back to sleep sometimes. Also get baby daddy to massage your back and feet or whatever hurts , good luck. Laura
  • Towards the end I had a pillow supporting my belly, one between my legs and one elevating my feet cause I had lots of swelling but still up every 2-4 hours to pee and sleep was still so uncimfortable, just gotta rude it out unfortunately Teshaana
  • I used to sleep on my side and I would put a flatter pillow under my belly. It helped support it and was a lot more comfortable. Jessica
  • I would just nap when tired…mainly I’d fall asleep on the couch after dinner and found that that was the best rest I got in the whole day lol. Bek
  • I got less sleep in the last few weeks of pregnancy than I do with a newborn, I was so uncomfortable and my mind on a million things, let alone getting up to pee every few hours! Body pillow helped and app called mind the bump which has meditation tracks to help practice mindfulness, to relax and sleep. Louise
  • Nap whenever you can. I would nap on the lounge every day after work and hubby would come home and massage the fluid out of my ankles. I would always wake up at 4am when he got up for work so I’d make him a coffee and me a hot chocolate and I’d sit up until he left at 5. It gave us good bonding time and I got to pee and go back to sleep lol. Jennifer
  • I was so uncomfortable! Hubby learnt pretty quick that he now got 1/3 of the bed! so I could toss and turn as my hip would ache and go numb, definitely use a body pillow… I wished I’d got one early on as I was using 5 pillows in the end so it took for ever every time I rolled over, and I had to put a wet washer on my feet as they were burning up every night, I also plugged my earphones in and listened to mindfuness tracks and white noise (ocean or rainforest). Now is the time to call in the favours…if I wanted a glass of water, hubby would get up and get it, if my wet washer wasn’t cold enough,guess who was getting up smile emoticon I wasn’t moving once I got in a comfy position (for at least a whole 10minutes) Annabel
  • Currently experiencing this as I’m 38 weeks. Even when I do sleep the dreams are so weird that when I wake up I spend ages trying to figure out what happened and why I was dreaming about that. Just enjoy daytime naps when you can.. They are amazing!! Jess
  • Nothing worked. Again, how you approach it is the key. Think of it as preparing your body for when your little wonder makes an appearance. Michelle
  • Try sleeping on your own. Maybe get one of those body pillows or a banana pillows. Butnother than that your not going to get a great sleep for a couple years!! Tahnee
  • You just don’t sleep no matter what you do. Go with it. Get your sleep when you can. I napped when I got home from work. I found it much easier when I went on mat leave. Tan
  • A body pillow helped heaps. I even took it in when I was in labour. Kelly
  • I used a body pillow and horlicks in warm milk- worked a treat! Kellie
  • Yoga! Namaste Arianna
  • Get a body pillow. Karen
  • A pregnancy pillow has helped but hubby hates it lol Tennille
  • Send hubby to spare room lol a lot easier to roll around like beached whale when you have the whole bed!!!!!! Helen
  • People just forget to tell you that the “no sleep” start before the baby even arrives! Jorden
  • I know it’s going to sound strange, but I played bejeweled, just plain old bejeweled, not the blitz one. The one I have has a relaxation thing, like meditation really, breathing and relaxing music. Megan

 What are your best tips for sleep in pregnancy in the second trimester? Comment below

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